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Yet another girt of desperation May 28, 2012

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I have not been blogging much, and I have been subbing a lot. Today, I have an exquisite ambivalence about being a substitute teacher. There have been a lot of good days that I’ve enjoyed the work, but this past week, I had a hard time of it. In a way, I was sort of set up to have a difficult time, but whatever. Live and learn.

Still, I have had this gnawing sense that I need to put something here in the blog, and I have not wanted to own up to all that’s been going on. I have hit bottom with compulsive spending and people-pleasing in relation to my ability to take care of myself. I am now availing myself of help in the form of yet another 12-Step program that can help me to see where I need to go next.

An associate of mine has pointed out to me that as the smart fellow that I am, I could also use that to create another blog that will showcase my writing in a different milieu, that of the book review. I will be revisiting books I read as assigned texts from my school days as well as books, plays, poems, films, etc., that I feel are also helpful to today’s youth and educational institutions. That is something to look for in the near future.

Evolution continues apace. I show up to the mystery that is this life I lead, that is leading me toward my role as the shaman by the river. I don’t quite know how I will get there. But I feel confident that the days of this reality approach.