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T.W.R. December 10, 2011

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Trees, writing, recovery.  Interesting to think of the three as a unity for myself, but then when a friend asked me if I was working with Twr, one of Feri’s father gods, I had said I had times when I did and when I didn’t.  It turns out that TWR means what the essence of my spiritual practice/the work of This God.

The last few months have seen me sew up a new awareness of mastery in my life, one that has been with me for quite a while actually.  Just as Twr has been in the wings as a “golden shadow” as he observed it to be, so too has the mastery of being a playwright/scrfeenwriter been working quietly alongside my forays into trying to please others and coming up wanting.

For the time being, I have embarked on a journey into writing several projects, and it’s difficult to know from day to day which one will hold my attention.  I have a television project, a play and several screenplay, and then there are the odd devotions now to different deities that arise.  I feel a need to find some time with both Twr and Oya sometime soon.  (Odd, I’ve been find the colors yellow, red, paprika  and burgundy quite attractive of late, and the first two relate to Twr, and the others to Oya.)  Today I’m also dealing with a little bit of a feeling of a cold coming on, so I need to take it easy.  Even so, I must go outside and commune with a few trees I know nearby.

Trees, writing, recovery.  The 3 legs of Frostwolf’s Trigonometry of Divinity as it were.  (What is the cosine of this God?  Indeed, which is the hypotenuse?  I guess it would be the writing actually.  Trees squared plus recovery squared equals writing squared! Oh, Pythagoras! Archimedes–Eureka indeed.)

The mastery awakening is also due in part to my reading recently of Hesse, which Mr. John Michael Greer has been expounding on in his “Archdruid’s Post” blog.  I’m quite grateful to both Messrs. Greer & Hesse for these amazing texts.  Siddhartha, Demian and now Magister Ludi.  I have been understanding much of what is at the root of my loneliness, and it’s quite frankly because I don’t meet that many peers.  I’m sure that I sound like a snob when I say this, but I can’t help it.  I have certain gifts and talents and I have been slow to recognize them because for so long I’ve accpeted how others see me as the sum-total of It All.

The equation: Other People’s Views + Self-abandonment = Suicidal Grief would seem tto be proved therein.

Now that I’m embracing my mastery and stepping into my self-possession, I am becoming aware just how seasoned and amazing I am with my attentions to writing.  I have so much to offer.  So I will have to look into finding ways to connect with people who want to learn what I have to offer.  This will be an interesting challenge, considering that I have the South Node in the 9th House of higher education.  I need to offer it to youth, I think.  Or “the young at heart.”  It’s all about beginner’s mind and working with the heart in whatever we do.

That’s Twr’s essential message actually.  Interesting that he should find connection with Tiphareth in the Cabala.  The Sephiroth of the Heart.




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