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Storm Trekker August 30, 2011

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Uncategorized.

Ay-ay-ay… Starting with Mercury going direct and a little strange eruption of anger regarding the student loan appley-crapple-crap (can we say “Projection?”, dracula baby?), and going through a rather slow and steady descent into financial insecurity and dismal prognostications that were no way real, with a soupcon on difficult feelings relative to events of the past 14 months and a deep pang of loneliness that overtook me in an unguarded moment driving on Route 32 to volunteer help in groundskeeping up in Saratoga, I found myself in a rather desolate and despairing space during Hurricane Peace. (Peace in Greek is Irene, don’tchaknow.)

I feel raw from it all, having realized yesterday afternoon that very little of what I was feeling was mine. Still, I am sad I missed the opportunity to seed an exceptionally powerful new moon, which sits opposite my own Sun-Mars conjunction. I will have to go back and retroactively do a rite therefor.

There’s lots of power about right now, and it belongs to all of us. And the best part? TPTB can’t possibly touch a lot of it, because it comes from love.



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