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Status Report and a Meditation on Lips June 8, 2011

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It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged, I realize.  Truth be told, I have not been all that inspired to sit down at the computer and start to type out what I’m thinking.  I’ve been busy writing a script, and I think I have a draft completed, all but the actual typing.  About 1/3 of it’s typed up, and then I’ll share it with some trusted others to work out what’s going to be next with it.  Tweaking, revision, etc., before launching the vessel out into the waves of development and possible production.  That will come when it comes.

I have also been involved in the crucible of wholeness creation, and that has been quite the sterling adventure.  I was exposed to an organization which is one of the many “Amways of consciousness” out there.  I won’t go too much into it, except to say that while I discovered some gems in the rough, the fact is the experience came into my life to push me to create and maintain boundaries around the Work of this God.  The experience of standing up to this organization and saying “I want my money back” and standing in the truth of that–I’ve never done that before.  It was HUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE.

One of the things that arose for me too, after this workshop, was that I have a certain dynamic of codependence which plays out in a teacher-student relationship.  When I assume the role of the Student (notice the capital S), that means someone else is capital-T Teacher.  And actual study becomes irrelevant.  Rather than being a person involved in study with someone who is sharing information, I invest a certain amount of life force in what has become a toxic relationship.  Interestingly, it was after the workshop when I started to try to piece together what was going to be useful going forward, and perceiving that very little was going to work with the Work of This God, that the whole dynamic of the teacher-student toxin became visible.  I owe a debt of gratitude to the Witch Himself, the Witch I’m Becoming, who prompted me to probe deeper into the whole excavation of my student loan shame and burden.

Underneath that was an incident that has haunted me for many years, when an English professor in college basically told me that I couldn’t write.  That she wouldn’t work with me.  It was actually a blessing in disguise, for I wouldn’t want to work with her either, but to that 19 year-old undiagnosed codependent-addict that I was, devastation and shame rocked my world.  I didn’t believe her, but I believed her.  Something untoward and undiscovered got added into the mix, but looking at the truth of that, I could see that I have constantly set myself up to be disappointed again and again and again, and the student loan symbolizes the branding of doom upon this Consumer-Zombie Mask that I buried not too long ago.

It’s all a fog though.  And the fog-fugue of the Teacher-Student distraction codependent dance has been illuminated for good.  I will no longer be a Student, and no one will serve as Teacher to this Frostwolf anymore.  I work with a person who shares from ahead of me on the path, and I gratefully and willingly study what she points me toward.  I recognize she’s “someone who’s been there,” and who can give me pointers–it’s important to remain teachable, even as I refuse to recognize that role anymore, and anyone who would attempt to assume that role with me.

Henceforth, I recognize no one in that toxic role anymore.  It is an old tape and it has worn down to the nubbins, and like the air conditioner compressor belt that gave out in the car recently, it may smell like the engine is on fire, but is actually something small that can easily be replaced.

This is all about learning to trust my own magic ultimately.  I will magical experience and authority into my experience.  I trust my magic.  I work with the forces and the elements and the deities joyfully and with such devotion and gratitude.  I create beauty all around me.  This is the Work.

As part of that, I offer this strange and delightful meditation on lips.  This morning I had two dreams that both related to lips and kissing.  One was just that, and the other was a dream about lipstick.  So I was writing in my creative journal, trying to piece together what I needed to say, and that’s when I realized I need to blog today.  It’s frickin’ time already.

Lips serve many particular functions of course.  They are an integral aspect to the functions of breathing, eating, speakings, singing and sexual functions.  I can breathe through my mouth when I choose to part the lips and let air in–useful especially when I have a cold or some kind of blockage in the nasal cavities.

Regarding eating, I don’t have much observation except to say that my lips can moisten when I see something on a plate that arouses my tastebuds.  As far as I know, the lips don’t have taste receptors, but they can participate in the excitement of “Oh, butternut squash! Yea!”  There are certain sour foods too that can put my lips into the state of astringency, such as a lemon or certain sour-tasting herbs.  The sour and astringent tastes do have their effects on the lips.  I have an inclination that the bitter taste also has some sort of function as well, and spicy herbs such as cayenne and ginger can make the lips feel quite a lot of pain.  I also can remember the sense of occasional dryness in my lips when I exposed myself to sugar and flour.

Really, it occurs to me, that lips have certain commonalities with the skin, for they are but more sensitive regions of the skin.  I can sense dry and powder, and metal and cold, and hot and wood, and smooth and rough, etc.  The lips are sensitive to textures, which is of course an element of the sexual and sensual functions I enumerated at the beginning.  I can of course find the parts of a handsome man I want to get close to quite pleasing in the oral labia as it were.  [ 😀 ]  The smoothness and the ripples and the varying textures of the cock, the soft velvetiness of the scrotum, and smoothness of the gluteus maximus, and the echo pucker of the anus.  Hooray!  Bravo lips!

It’s intriguing to consider the speaking function most, however, as tempting and delightful as the sexual aspect is.  In going through all the sounds that I know of that our mouths can make, the lips form a creative function where the vowels are concerned.  It’s in vowels that the lips are most creative and essential.  I send the shape of the O to make the vowel sound in Show for example. And the same with the other vowel sounds and the umlauted vowels in German.  But the lips serve as necessary functions in the making of almost all the other consonant sounds.  I tried to make a guh sound with my lips tight.  Sounded like I was about to let out a sob.  Try it with a tuh sound, and I sound like I’m stifling a laugh.

The only sound that lips closed makes is of course the mm sound.  But there are 2 sounds that the lips don’t seem to have much of a function of save reducing volume.  I can make the nn sound and the ng sound, with lips closed or open. The n sound is a little muted and vibratory, and the ng sound is a bit quieter, but they override the mouth pretty much.  None of the other sounds do–they all require the lips to be parted for the most part, to form the sound.  If the lips aren’t open, they sound choked or stifled.

The plosives are always fun for the lips. PuVoBiFa. VaPiFoBu!  Try saying that a couple times fast.  The M of course vibrates the whole face, which frequently makes the AUM sound of meditation a bit of a drag.  But it’s so much fun to consider.

What observations  about lips do other people have?  It just occurred to me this was a rather interesting idea.

I hope one day to get back to my astrological stuff, and as I start to gather clients I will do so.  But I sense the nature of time is changing, and with it all the things based on time (such as money).  These are interesting times of no-time that create new opportunities for us all.




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