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A Spacer between Scripts & Sun’s Aries Egress/Taurus Ingress April 19, 2011

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I think I’m pretty well through the first draft of the first script of what I’ve determined is a quartet of screenplays related to the collapse of our culture.  I describe the first of the 4 as “The Matrix meets Avatar.”  And it follows a character going through what I’ve loosely been going through, but ratcheted up to a “SuperHero” sort of level.  And just over the weekend, I realized that some material I’ve started writing on what I thought was the screenplay following the journey of my protag’s wife is actually material for a younger colleague of the wife.  The wife’s journey will be followed up with the fourth script in the Civilization Anonymous quartet.

I reached what I perceive to be the end of the writing, and it’s now about the typing with a tiny bit of research on certain technical issues regarding a nefarious practice which I won’t go into here.  I had about an hour left in my daily 2-hour commitment (which I feel is too small, but I have a lot of stuff to do in my life so 2 hours is the minimum of what I feel comfortable with).  So I realized about a half hour into the remaining hour that  I could blog!  Hence the title of this entry.

Ah, yes.  But what to blog about?  I’m not really sure though there are a number of possible topics.  I guess the one that’s most on my mind for the remaining 24 minutes of writing time is that of the Aries-Taurus transition underway now.  Over on Planetwaves, they note that the Sun is void-of-course now.  What that means is that the Sun has done making significant  aspects while still in Aries, and is just marking time until it moves across that cusp.  The Aries-Taurus cusp seems to be quite sensitive and has been associated with all sorts of infamy.  Columbine, Waco, the OKC bombing, and just last year it was the BP Oil Disaster.  These dates are also associated with the births of Adolf Hitler and William Shakespeare.  So there’s all sorts of activity at this zodical interface.

Knowing my own chart, the points of Aries 30 and Taurus 1 fall in my 12th house, so I’m not sure what to make of these energies myself.  The 12th house is the “house of self-undoing.”  Which is bad when it’s unconscious and good when the choice of self-undoing is consciously chosen, as in the forms of meditation or service to others.

Aries and Taurus are both about the Self, however.  Aries is “I AM, Baby!” and Taurus says “I HAVE, sweetums.”  Aries is the infant, and Taurus is the newborn.  They are both spring signs, though I have come to think of Taurus as holding the emotional beginning of summer in the Beltane/May Day window that leads up to the Cancer Ingress/Midsummer/Summer Solstice.  Another way to think on it:  The point at which Aries ends and Taurus begins is the last third of the 46-day window of Ostara to Beltane, the run-up to Spring’s apotheosis and the conception point of Summer.

Sign changes typically indicate flux energies.  I’m feeling that the events of today and tomorrow, should they become visible, probably are taking place in the economic sphere.  With Pluto in Capricorn and Chiron in Pisces and Uranus in Aries, I feel that something in that sphere is in need of deep cleansing, a fiery transformation and top-to-bottom restructuring but from the ground up.  Yesterday the S&P announced that the outlook for the US dollar was grim and in danger of receiving a negative rating.  Various tea-leaf readers in the econ pages speculate this and that, but I honestly feel it’s because the House is calling in its chits, and demanding its pounds of flesh.  We are about to know a world of hurt, and I honestly hope we can now collectively begin to face these demons.

It’s interesting to ponder all this as we send in our tax filings.  I read this yesterday and felt a strong dismay.  Are we sending good money after bad if we find ourselves owing?  And if we’re getting money back, how much meaning does it have?  The other day, I threw an I Ching, and got Hexagram #12 – Standstill.  It suggested that I not take money for the offerings I might make, to stand on my principles.  As I move through the reality of this world, I do find a dissonance between myself and the larger culture.  Yet that culture is just that–larger than myself.  I need to render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and not let my ego get in the way.  Yet at the same time, how does one stay intact and whole inside this Jailbait economy?  vEmpire by any other name is all about imprisonment and slavery.  How can I become manumitted?

I threw another I Ching yesterday and it was mildly better (Hexagram #64 – Before Completion).  Still, I perceive that I am now being called to really begin THE WORK for which  I was created.  I have already started writing several pieces, and I will edit the script I had read over the weekend down a bit and revise parts of Act Two before putting it up at Cerridwen’s Mountain.  Still, THE WORK might involve creating some new work-recompense arrangement and it might very well occur right on the block where I live!  How’s that for magickal working?

That fellow I see myself becoming, the healthy, wealthy, lucky, joyful, free shaman by the river is making himselfs known through various prmptings that come through me these days.  I need to be patient and to be cognizant of the path before me and not the obstacles I perceive.  These things are coming to pass and I’m most decidely an active participant in what is coming.  I’m helping it along, and it’s in dialogue with me.  Just need to remember to take care of myself through it all.

So today, I shall workout.  I shall lead tonight’s CDTN meeting with a co-facilitator, and more will be  revealed.  I will most likely blog tomorrow, even as I take notes on the next scripts in the queue.  And  I will look for more opportunities to do service. 

I have a good life today.  It keeps getting better, and my faith grows even as things start to look a bit more dire.  But this too shall pass.  Gratitude makes things so much better. 

A good thing to remember.



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