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The Eight Seasons February 17, 2011

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Last weekend, I participated in an event that my little group of people had to plan.  Now, we all understand that a plan is a most general thing, but we talked about what we wanted to do, and we all had a discussion about some various topics.  Because I seek to be chary about the event itself, I won’t go into much about what it was, but there was a little tidbit that rankled me, and I will now explore this thread.

Someone made a comment about the energies of spring being dormant and yet they could be felt.  It is something I have noted myself come February.  In fact, I heard another person in an entirely different context elsewhere in my travels say the exact same thing.  This caused someone else to respond that the fact is that the snow is on the ground, and one has to work with what is.  It’s still winter.

Well.  Kind of.  It’s Imbolc is what it is.  I have come to understand that these 4 words “Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter” are totally inadequate to describe the times of the year as they emerge.  One might say the eight seasons are, in Celtic Calendar year order: Dying, Winter, Quickening, Spring, Flowering, Summer, Harvesting, Fall. 

I guess it’s because I’m a mutable sign and my birthday just happens to fall in the Quickening phase of the Wheel Year, but I do bristle at the feigned ignorance of spring’s uneasy tendrils tickling the soles of our feet.  Spring is in the earth itself, and that is an unseen fact.  One that is still sensible in its way however, and provides a certain energy that is volatile and powerful in its fashion. 

It’s making me ponder now how the eight seasons affect a person’s makeup.  I am definitely an Quickening-Spring person.  (2 planets each in Aries and Aquarius, 3 in Pisces).  I have a Dying planet (Neptune in Scorpio), 2 Harvesting Planets (Pluto/Uranus in Virgo), and the Moon is in a Summer place (Cancer).  Taurus rising, but within 3 degrees of the sensitive Beltane degree.  Capricorn midheaven is my one Winter position, and nothing in Fall alas.  Interesting that fall should be my favorite time of year.

These designations might be a tad “agricultural,” and I will explore other possibilities, but I have been struck by the poetry of the astrological craft and how it weaves in the seasonal aspects using the captivating images of the heavens.  It could be though that the agricultural rhythms are coming back.  For some types of people, I bet this sort of analysis would have some benefit.  Still, it’s interesting to ponder that the differences between the January and February Aquarians (particularly those on the 5th and after), seem so different from each other.  The nascent spring energy is rumbling in the airy-cold winds of the Aquarian viewpoint.  Come to think of it, when I think of Scorpios, October-born seem a bit more outgoing and intellectual than their November counterparts who are a bit more contained and warmer somehow.  Again, a fall-“Dying” break.  More to ponder here.

Still, I will say I would like for a better way to get through this Quickening season of the year, because it’s like a manic-depressive energy takes center stage.  On top of it, I just came down with a case of the flu.  Monday was one of those delicious “false spring” days that we can have up here.  Tuesday, I chose to forego the thermals.  BAD choice.  That, coupled with waking up at 2 a.m. on Wednesday morning and not being able to get back to sleep created the perfect window for an infection, blast it.  So I’m resting, drinking lots of fluids.  Discovered angelica decoction–tastes a lot like chicken soup, actually!  Yum.  Tasty little expectorant.



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