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Debt-based Economy and Mayan Calendar observations February 9, 2011

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The other night, I was at the Albany UU and saw the first disk of Chris Martenson’s “Crash Course,” in which he outlines what is going on in the world involving the three E’s: Economy, Energy, Environment.  While I knew I would find a lot of the information “old hat,” I was hoping I’d have some sort of new insights into the situation.  I was not disappointed.

I was struck by the similarity of his presentation to a snippet of a presentation I saw a few years ago by Terrence McKenna, where he also showed an exponential graph about technological “progress” which he elaborated on as part of his Theory of Novelty.  He noted that the “singularity” for which he became notorious would peak right around the same time the Mayan Calendar was slated to end on the Winter Solstice 2012.  And as I watched exponential-growth chart after exponential-growth chart, I thought to myself “Ah, the Mayans were scientists of the cannibalistic.  They saw this asymptote 2300 odd years ago.” 

I’m longing to heal my relationship with money, but I’m in a conundrum about it.  It appears to me that money in its debt-based incarnation is basically the economic expression of sugar, flour, booze, cocaine, etc.  In other words on some level, it’s an allergy and an obsession.  I want to discover the right way through the next few years, but I feel at a loss to move through it because I feel on some level, the language has to change.  What to, that is the issue.

I want to surrender.  I need to surrender.  But I also need to know that I am surrendering to a healing power, and not a prison.  In the presentation, I came to understand that our economy has tried to skirt the issue that growth does not equal prosperity, that if one chooses to prosper, then growth in the sense of getting bigger and bigger STOPS. 

The days of killing more than we can eat has to end like yesterday.

I don’t know that I can prosper on my own, and I know I don’t have it in me to grow anymore as a cost center for destruction and despair.  There’s more than raising kids that takes a village.  The services and products I feel called to offer – plays, astrological consultations, rituals, tarot readings, eventually herbalism conferences – all require a certain level of health and awareness of the needs we have for interpersonal meaning.  I feel that I’m kind of by myself in this physical area of Rensselaer, New York, though online there’s a ton of folks out there.  If only I could move into a virtual castle in the Internet air.

The hard slog of really getting to know the people around me has to start now, and I’m doing it through the UU, through Capital District Transition Network, and I’m sure eventually through some more pagan connections I develop over time.  It’s hard to show up to my debting at a time when the nature of economics itself is in flux.  I know things can change on a dime, and with Chiron having just entered Pisces, Uranus about to enter Aries where Jupiter ingressed not too long ago, and Pluto pricking in C’Pric’rn, there are a lot of bubbles and egos yet to be deflated.  And I trust Pluto will be thorough enough to do that with all of us, myself included. 

Still, I’m really close to the gift of desperation.  Can you smell it in the air?  Can you get it for me wholesale?



1. zedalph - March 14, 2011

I agree – all the way from Brighton, UK. 🙂

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