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My Evolving Philosophy of Astrology in These Transition Times January 31, 2011

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The Ancient Greeks had a nuanced view of the various crafts that made up their cultural lives.  There were 9 Muses who were the daughters of the King of the Gods and Memory (Mnemosyne). It would so follow then that the areas where there were Muses had a requirement for memory as well as the spark of action that Zeus represented as God of Thunder and Sky.  The 9 Muses included the areas of history, tragedy, comedy, music, interpretive dance, poetry, and astronomy.

Urania as the astronomical muse occupies an interesting place however, as the Greek conception of astronomy did draw upon what are seen as astrological ideas as well as the general observance of the stars.  I have come to understand that her place among the muses did involve many of the stories that were part of the Greek culture then in existence.  I also suspect that her presence may harken back to a time in our quite-distant past when we were more aware of our stellar origins than has come to be known today.

I look upon astrology as a craft rather than a science and have for many years.  What I do when I come to a chart is to ascertain the story of the chart as it unfolds.  I look at a birth chart also in light of the larger story (transits in the heavens currently) as well as the line of progression indicated by the chart as it operates at the level of a smaller fractal where the days that unfolded after the birth telescope the general and slow movements occurring in the native’s life from year to year–what are called secondary progressions.

Basically, my job as an astrologer is to serve as a dramaturg for the native as he or she authors the play they find themselves caught up in.  The chart will show the hot areas and the cold, the joys and the trials, the places where surprise will dominate and others where a surprise would be a relief.  Given that we are in unstable times indeed, we would find prudence in availing ourselves of all the possible understandings that are out there, particularly ones that may not be as easily comprehended with our reductionistic and scientific viewpoint.

My approach to astrology is as a devotee of the crafts of muses.  A person comes to me requiring awareness of where the story is right now, and what real choices are there to make.  What will be the best choice to make, from an astrological point of view? What sorts of game plans can be examined and put into action?  What are the forces inside and out that help and hinder?  As a trained playwright, I am also familiar with the concept of character motivation.  Pseudolus in  A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, wants his freedom.  Max Bialystock wants to produce a flop and make lots of money.  Hamlet wants to avenge his father’s death.  These stories put the characters through their paces and they each get what they are seeking, but in the latter’s case, he also dies in the end.  (Would there even be a play if Hamlet had consulted his soothsayer?)

In any case, the birth chart outlines some general themes and issues that a person gets to chart their course through.  Not every journey will take one down the straits of Scylla and Charybdis.  Should a person find themselves in a difficult place, astrology can help to find the least harmful way through, and to point to which forces to ameliorate and soothe with offerings.  It is a real-time-and-space sort of system incorporating much of what goes on in the world into the poetry of the star-script, if you will.  For one of the things that gets lost in the argument of science/pseudoscience, etc., is that the language of the wheel is also one of the seasons.  A person born with the Sun in Aries in the 6th House and the Moon in Leo in the 9th  with a Scorpio Rising sign will have the energy of the early spring, an emotional frame of mind not unlike the robust August harvest, and a way of expressing herself that puts one in the mind of Halloween.  Further, she might find a natural affinity with detail work of some sort, perhaps involving machinery or military matters, and she would find emotional nurturing in large philosophical quests for wisdom and understanding.  When she’s inebriated, she might even hold court on her own philosophy of a life well lived regardless of what other people might want to hear.

(The Moon can tell a person how they are when they’re drunk or stoned.)

A few years ago, this person might have been a really good videogame designer for a wargames sort of platform.  These skills can lend themselves to other transferable possibilities as we learn to reskill and recover some of what seem to be lost arts and trades from the hidden stores of history.  Perhaps for her it will start out as a hobby or a sideline for those interested in decorative historical recreations of actual weapons from days of old.  Such a skill could become valuable in light of any black swan event that might occur.

And such is the nature of the times we live in, for what was really old is being made new again.  As we enter the Aquarian age, it appears that quite a bit of the innovative nature of what emerges involves recovery of old skills to go forward.  One can never really undestand the Uranian impulse to shock and rejigger, rewire the framework that Aquarius can and does provide.  The sudden shock to the system can either destroy or renew depending on one’s resilience.  And astrology can at least let a person know their own personal lay of the land as they go forward.

So that is basically how I wish to approach doing charts for people going forward.  I hope some out there are eager to get their own projects going.  It is getting to be Imbolc-time, where the ground is quickening for spring’s energies under our feet.  In China they are getting ready to celebrate their new year, and our Celtic ancestors were busy preparing for similar tidings.  It seems fitting that I should begin frostwolfmagic.net on Imbolc.  For I too feel the buzzing in the ground.  The electrics are conducive for positive change. 

Focus on the joys, my friends.  We are not a glum lot.



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