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That “Wrong Sign” and Ophiuchus thing January 19, 2011

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This thing pops up from time to time.  It’s not the first time I’ve seen it, and the aspect of Ophiuchus as a “legitimate” zodiac sign is a hoax that pops up like a bad penny. 

Western astrology bases itself on the seasons and uses what is referred to as the “Tropical” Zodiac–based on the idea that the Spring Equinox ALWAYS is the beginning of Aries.  If the ecliptic ever shifts and we no longer have an Equinox around March 20-22nd, then OK, we might see our signs shfit in some fashion.  The signs are woven around that hard-and-fast element.

The Vedic tradition of India works with the Sidereal Zodiac.  By that system, I am an Aquarius with Aries Rising and a Gemiini Moon.  I sense that it works too, but I’m beginning to realize that the Sidereal zodiac is more for the spiritual/stellar side of things — seeing as it is based on precession and the earth’s drift backwards in space through the zodiac — while the tropical/Western zodiac is more terrestrial.  It’s just a place to explore for now–and I’m not inclined to go toward the sidereal as of yet.  With my studies of Ayurveda, however that could change.

So rest assured all you Scorpios out there, who don’t want to be Libras, etc.  Only if you’re working with a Jyotish or a Siderealist will that be the modus operandi.  In which case, you will probably have always seen yourself as the November born Libra that you would be by that system.



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