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Pamphlet Idea January 16, 2011

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Uncategorized.

I got an idea for a pamphlet over the past two days. I’ve got a lot of feelings about “mah munny ishuze” to work through, and it is an interesting time in the vEmpire culture to start to really delve deeply into them. It occurred to me that one thing I need and want to address is the use of the Law of Attraction regarding money. I think it’s better to seek out the essence of what money will ostensibly give you.

I had a session with my life coach the other day that left me in terror over my finances. Money stuff these days is the one thing that could tip me into a tailspin that results in the most profound “I don’t care anymore” moment imaginable. So I owe it to myself to delve carefully and delicately into the situation. With badger sort of intensity, deftness and courage too. Still, I see that I have discovered that to speak of joy and wealth does not necessarily lead to speaking of money.

My pamphlet will explore this aspect of things, but it will be in the context of my own surrender moment and recognition of the gift of desperation. I am NOT willing to do anything to get out of this situation. Perhaps that is willfulness on my part, but I can no longer continue to support vEmpire workings in my quest for joy. It’s not unlike the drunk who says, “I’m getting a job tending bar.” Go into the barbershop enough times, you’ll get a haircut. No thanks.

These things being said though, I recognize that the Law of Attraction has been useful for people in attracting money. Part of my issue with the life coach is a book he suggested I read that is one of those. As I read some of this fellow’s ideas, it causes me pain. One of the painful things I heard my ex say was “The best thing I can do for the poor is to not be one of them.” There is such a negative spirit behind that thought, and that negative spirit permeated this suggested reading. I had to put it to the side because this isn’t the way through. I won’t say the book is useless–there’s a lot of great insight into some of the aspects of the mind and there are powerful techniques in the text. Still, the book is tainted with judgments. It may not mean to, but it hurts the inclusive part of myself that seeks to aid in the healing of the human spirit. This idea furthers separation and exclusion, even if it bends over backwards to give people the tools to help themselves.

Huh. That sounds really familiar. Codependence anyone?


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