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January vs. February Aquarians January 5, 2011

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Uncategorized.

Seeing as my most popular entry appears to be February v. March Pisceans, I thought I’d take a stab at Jan v. Feb. Aquarians, and see if people respond.  I bet some Aquarians will–I do know how you all love to be contrary.  Whether January or February. 

Caveat, however:  This is by no means exhaustive and it only relates to my own external perceptions of the differences between two types of Aquarians based on whether they’re first or second month-born.  This is a discourse that will necessarily be at turns rough and other times subtle.  No two January Aquarians are going to be identical.  But they might share some commonalities.  I see that as a February Pisces I share qualities with other February fish, and I don’t like what I see sometimes.  “Spot it you got it.”  So on some level what I notice in my next sign compadres are aspects in myself.  They will most likely evidence themselves in 10th house activities, as that is where my Aquarius mostly resides, though it straddles the cusp of the 11th for 10 degrees or so.  Just know, my intention is to create a human-astrological “materia medica” of stellar constitutions.  And this is just how I see this particular area of inquiry.  I would love for actual January & February Aquarians to chime in, though.  How do YOU perceive you’re different, and similar to the other month-cohorts?

My sister and brother are both Aquarians, and there are differences that I intuit have to do with the proximity to the winter solstice of their birthdates.  In other words, my sister who has the January date, feels “colder” to me than my brother.  Now, when I say “cold,” I don’t mean that I think my sister is personality cold, but that there is a starker objectivity in how she approaches issues that arise.  Neither sibling was all that interested in science as I recall, but I see that my sister didn’t approach things with as much heat as my brother always has.  “Cold” in this instance means that my sister can operate with more blessed detachment, like their Capricorn counterparts.

That being said, I feel that January Aquarians are also a mite more stubborn than their February cohorts.  Both my brother and sister can hold onto ideas for a really long time.  With my brother, there could be an edge, but with my sister there’s a doggedness.  Granted, my sister has Scorpio rising while my brother has Aries rising and moon.  Yet, I have noticed that February Aquarians seem to be more gregarious and other-oriented than the first-month born.  Januaries seem more self-contained. 

The January Aquarians feel more of a Saturn nature than Uranus to me.  Please keep in mind, this is NOT scientific.  I happened to grow up with 2 stubborn Fixed Air signature siblings and have a whole lifetime of awareness to consider.  It’s most decidedly not universal to all January vs. February Aquarians.  Today, I have a dear friend with a January birthday who seems to be more like her February counterparts.  She has much more progressive and open-ended viewpoints on things.  I do perceive that both January and February Aquarians have concerns for social issues, though the January side seems to approach them with a bit more sobriety, while February approaches with more verve and spunk.  Different kinds of rebels, really.  January seems more strategic generally, while February seems more brash. 

Also, I have to say it:  To some people, Aquarius is the “air-head” of the Zodiac.  Personally, I don’t get it, but okay so Farrah Fawcett and a couple of other not-so-intelligent beauties were of this sign.  More February again, though. 

A sidebar:  Capricorns too have a split between the more Saturn and Uranus sides of the equation.  I don’t have a lot of anecdotal observation about the December v. January aspects of Cappy, though on the surface it seems that the sparkly side of Uranus comes through fairly equally in both months.  (Ben Franklin was a January 14th Capricorn, and the father of electricity does seem to have that Uranus current prominent in his biography.)  Some astrologers say that Uranus is the “night” ruler of Capricorn, while it is the day ruler of Aquarius.  I certainly can see that aspect.  Some of the more outlandishly anarchistic and oddball people I know and adore are Capricorns.  I feel for them with Pluto traversing their sign, and seeing Aquarius’ ruler about to square Pluto, as well as Capricorn’s ruler already involved in Square aspects to the dark one.  We’re all feeling that pain, but none more intense than the Capricorns, Ariens and Libras among us, who are being afflicted with these transits.

Aquarians will feel that Uranus-Pluto square by remove however.  It will feel as if Pluto is squaring off against them I suspect.



1. Dusty - February 16, 2011

February Aquarians, of which I have four family members, are much more brash and emotional I am a January Aquarian, there are four of us also. (I have a huge family, by the way). I have always felt odd, to me- February Aquarians seem much more ‘normal’ than January. Not sure why, maybe it’s me. February Aquarians are more into action; whereas, January Aquarians are thinkers – we tend to dwell and mull over ideas for long periods of time until we have completely decifered and decided – probably why we are much more stubborn- it took a while to come to our conclusions. Also, probably why we you see us the way you do…

frostwolftfirerose - February 17, 2011

Yes, Dusty, I’d have to say those are my experiences of Aquarians of the February side vs. the January. I was musing to myself about Capricorn-Aquarius cuspers, how they probably don’t look all that different from January Aquarians, except maybe a tad more conservative? Also, Aquarius-Pisces cusp people are different yet again. I’ll be blogging about that I expect, soon.

2. Vonda G. Nelson - October 31, 2011

The word stubborn as you have used here in regards to January aquarians do not match the stubborn that we are. I speak for January Aquarians (like myself) when I say we stand by what we’re about, what we say, mean, think, believe in and if anyone questions or tries to consider us stubborn, it’s just because they want to control or deter us to think otherwise (than how we are thinking). I have heard from a few people in my lifetime that I am stubborn and I was like,Child please! The reason for them saying this had nothing to do with me being difficult, pig headed or just ignorant about something. The reason for them saying this had more to do with they could not see themselves having their way with me as they intended to so they branded me stubborn. Now in my eyes when I look back on them, they were losers in every aspect of the word. I am glad I didn’t put an ounce of trust or allow whatever insecurities I possessed at the time to rise to the surface. Being stubborn has it’s priviledges! Period!

frostwolftfirerose - November 7, 2011

Thanks for sharing your insights. Fixed signs in general like to hold onto things which can sometimes be the focus. I have Taurus rising, so I know from stubborn, and I grew up with Aquarian siblings so I know from stubborn meeting stubborn. A suggestion I have for you is to look at the word itself and to understand why there is such a reaction to it. What is the gift of stubbornness? There is a gift in all things. Self-pity, for example, can lead a person either to grumble at the state of their lives or it can lead them to make actual improvements. You’re on your way in seeing that people have principles and hold fast to them. But I would take care not to use that in isolation. Sometimes ideas live past their exploration date, such as the flat earth, slavery, homophobia and predatory capitalism. There are always going to be those who hold on to their ideas and call it noble, but to others it can look like stubbornness and truculence. Aquarians certainly are not immune to that. (And I speak also with a heavy 11th House underlay–Sun, Mars, Saturn and Chiron are all in the “Aquarius house.”)

3. Wilhelmina - November 6, 2012

I am an January Aquarius and reading this information has helped me come to understanding depths of myself that I had trouble with growing up. I always had issues being part of the crowd and can’t stand it when I feel someone is trying to control me. I do admit to being fixed on an idea and it is difficult to deter me or convince me other wise. My husband is a Scorpio and we tend to but heads when it comes to me seeing things in his perspective. Though deep down inside I know he is just trying to help broaden my mind and give me new perspectives to help increase my abilities I still accuse him of trying to control me and manipulate me (he wishes me to fill in… i accuse him over and over again, even after he tiredly proves his benevolence towards said situations…L.O.L….it starts all over again and again). He is very patient and I do love him for it because I know I can be difficult. He is no saint either but we always keep a open mind and Both of us agree True Freedom is in individualism not uniformed way of thinking and doing things. That is enslavement of the mind and with that in mind I allow my perception to be questioned from time to time and truly appreciate the different insight another may bring to my attention.

4. Opal - October 20, 2013

I am a January Aqua (sun), Pisces (moon), Cappy (venus) (which is also my dad’s sun sign), Aries (rising) (my mom’s sun sign)- and three of my classmates are february aquas: they are all the same (which is odd). In my class I am the one who thinks before answering (I have the worst fear of failure), I also failed our trust exercises (fear of being let down… In other words fear of falling), I may be good at art but I have a love-hate relationship with it (I prefer money, and art isn’t going to get me much of that where I live), and I see no point in reading books (I have a hyperactive immagination-I’m perfectly capable of making up stories in my head). On the other hand, the Feb Aquas in my class, are good at sports (basketball, soccer, volleyball, etc.), one’s bound to end up in jail (no, just no 😦 ), one’s a twofaced tomboy with a passion for romance, and absolutely no feminism in her system, the third one is my favourite- she actually doesn’t annoy the crap out of me… (my bro’s a leo sun btw, so living with him I picked up on his attitude towards people, even though he is younger than me).

5. Caroline - April 17, 2014

Your observation is interesting however a little scattered. I don’t profess however to know anymore than you do of the differences between January vs February Aquarians… So no judgment just an observation.

I do however take offense to your comment about Farrah Fawcet being a not-so-intelligent beauty( she and I share the same birthday btw hence the offense). While her outward persona portrayed her as a not-so – intelligent beauty she was in fact an extremely intelligent woman and incredibly smart in business.

Take a moment to read up on her life.

Just an FYI…;)

6. The Defender - August 10, 2015

My big sister was born on 26 February. She is a Pisces & I am an Aquarius. So I was wondering, as a Pisces, what do you like & dislike about your Aquarian siblings???
I ask this because my sister always seems to push me away & then I push away when she comes back. It must be that I said/did something that bothered her or something, even though I make sure to never bring her down!

7. frostwolftfirerose - August 10, 2015

Hello! Thanks for responding to my blog entry. It’s funny you should ask what I like about my Aquarian siblings right now, because I”m not speaking to either of them. Aquarius is a fixed sign and sometimes they can be as stubborn as Taureans when they think they’re right. The vexing thing with a lot of Aquarians is that they can choose to be “right” about things that set others in opposition. Sometimes it’s based on principles, and when that is the case, there can be some constructive dialogue. Not always but it’s possible. After an Aquarius decides they’re right, then that’s the end of it. It is what it is, alas.

Do I have hope to speak with them again? Hard to say. My sister, the January Aquarius, is the harsher of the two. I might be able to speak with my brother again–he’s tried to reach out to me at least. I will say one thing I like about Aquarius is their (usual) openness to new ideas and being willing to consider alternatives. I also appreciate the quirky individuality they can express. I also appreciate that there is a future-orientation as well, but that can interfere with being present. Does that help?

8. Ilovealeo - October 24, 2015

I am also a January Aquarius, and I can agree to most of what you’ve said here! I’ve always had this sense that I am generally more “cold” or detached than February Aquarians, and even though I love my family and friends, I really cherish my alone time to be in my thoughts. More than anything I love filling my head with new ideas, but when it comes to action, I eventually tend to find it boring.
I must disagree slightly about the question of being ruled by Saturn vs Uranus – I feel a strong pull from both, and in fact most of my life is characterized by this. I am either completely practical and like to plan everything out, then every now and then (like clock work) I am struck with inspiration, passion, spontaneity and all-out rebellion. Eventually this becomes reigned back in and I continue to lead a semblance of a “normal”, steady life, but even so there’s always this tug deep down inside me to just abandon everything & run away somewhere. Or, perhaps to shock everyone by wearing bright purple spandex pants; although typically I keep my weird ensembles for at home & dress ridiculously conventionally out in the “real world”.
In addition, my views tend to be consistently very liberal and open-minded, for the betterment of the earth, of mankind, or the universe or whatever. However, even though I am open and non-judgemental to most every life choice, it doesn’t mean it’s for me. I often prefer to keep my wild fantasies just what they are – stories in my head; it’s fun that way.
Yup, I got a little off track.. You just got a glimpse in the mind of an Aquarius, un-edited ;).

frostwolftfirerose - October 24, 2015

Hey ilovealeo, thanks for replying. I would say about the Saturn/Uranus thing that both planets do have a say in the affairs of all Aquarians, but that Saturn’s influence is a tad stronger with January Aquarians than with February. That can change depending on the placements of other planets in a chart–someone with February Sun with Jupiter Retro might experience a more Saturnine quality for example. Sometimes when I blog, I am guilty of making categorical pronouncements but the dialogue is helpful to correct those. It helps to clarify certainly. Thanks for your observations and your Aquarian discursiveness!

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