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Changes for 2011 in blogs – February vs March Pisces Update December 31, 2010

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I will be initiating a new website soon.  And I shall post a link thereto here and in El Libro de la Facia.  But I’m announcing that this site will start to see a couple of deviations from my previous posts.

I have noticed in my blog history that “February vs. March Pisceans” – one of my less noble posts, I must admit – has been attracting a lot of attention.  I shall have to revisit that one I think, call it “an update,” because when I posted that particular entry, I was under a lot of stress with a March Pisces Diva, and I unfairly attributed that person’s psychopathy to all March Pisces.  My apologies.  I’ve recently met a couple of February Pisces who have fetched my awarenesses up short, and the truth is that all of us, whatever our signs are, are under tremendous pressure with some of the astrology out there.

Part of my focus in TATF has been on local energies.  I shall now start to incorporate the celestial, especially as Chiron and Neptune enter Pisces and Uranus goes into Aries.  I shall start to put together odd correspondences that strike me on a a day-to-day basis,, and I hope to try and blog on at least one of my four blogs (that’s right 4!) each day.

One of my other blogs, “disappearingchef” will be returning to the fore as I move into trying to provide services as a Food Coach.  Since I’ve been able to maintain a 110 pound weight loss for nearly 8 years, I might as well offer some assistance to people on a  more direct basis.  I am also going to start to provide meals to people who wish to eat healthier but who do not have the time to put their meals together.  Since I’m already doing it, and I wish to increase the love and ache/agni/mana/qi in the world, it’s been pointed out to me that I could easily market this service to others in the Rensselaer/Albany/Troy/East & North Greenbush area.  So, when the website is unleashed, interested people will be able to see what it’s all about.

And so, I will begin with an update to the February/March Pisces issue.  As a February Edition of the sign, I have to cop to a character defect I’ve come to notice in other February Pisceans, which is that we are quite acidic in speech at times.  It’s not necessarily a bad thing, it can even be fun.  But I see it in myself and have noticed it in at least 2 other February Pisceans I know.  I think it might have to do with the proximity to Aquarius, having recently ended my 5 year relationship to an Aquarius/Pisces cusper. 

I’ve come to recognize that many of us are rather Martial in our approaches to life, which makes us a little “un-Pisces” in terms of the stereotype.  It’s an uncomfortable realization, one that I’ve been processing along with an awareness that in Ayurveda, I’m what is known as “Pitta-Kapha” in terms of my doshas.  I seem to consistently test in this manner, though I have very much vata interests I must also observe.  Still, I have a go-getter aspect which has been VERY frustrated for the past, oh, 45 years or so.  Perhaps I’m noticing the Martial aspect due to my own Mars being conjunct the Sun in Pisces and Saturn in late Aquarius.  I don’t know, but I’m seeing that I need to own my warrior side, and the wild child of Mars as it is reflected as a consciousness warrior with a sharp tongue.

March Pisces people I have known have been quite mild and subtle in comparison to their fiery February brethren, with a couple of exceptions.  All Pisceans have an ability to cut people down to size with a couple of well-placed comments that seem calibrated to do the most damage.  It’s just an aspect of the water sign element I think.  (As a handy complement, in thee Hogwarts House system, Slytherin roughly corresponds to Water, with Gryffindor as Fire, Ravenclaw as Air, and Hufflepuff as Earth. To be fair, the houses more likely than not correspond to the fixed signs of the elements – Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius and Taurus.  Just a fairly objective observation there, sorry if I’ve offended anyone.) 

I’ve noticed that March Pisceans can be quite Cancerian in their approaches to issues, coming in at the side.  The early March Pisceans especially tend toward that, while the later March Pisceans move toward the Scorpio side of things and are much more quiet than their early March counterparts.  This corresponds to the Decans of the signs, and I have to say that the Pisces-Aries cuspers are again a different group.  I mean, Bruce Willis, Pat Robertson, Stephen Sondheim, Glenn Close and A.L. Webber fall into this group–how wildly extreme these people seem to be.  The worst boss I ever had was one of these.  A man who could speak very quietly and make a person feel like acid was being evenly distributed over every inch of your body.  Ay-yi-yi!

Please keep in mind these are generalized observations, and that on an individual basis, people will reveal themselves to be wildly individual.  Having said that, I do believe that the seasonal aspect of the wheel year exerts an influence over a person’s generalized way of expressing themselves.  That February-March window is a hard time of year in many places.  It doesn’t help matters much that in March and April, the two most difficult months of the year IMHO, there are no work holidays to speak of.  Between President’s Day and Memorial Day, is a LOOOOONG stretch of day-in, day-out for most people.  At least for now, “most people” who read a blog such as this.  We February types are at least closer to the one February holiday and might be just a tad “sunnier” than our March compadres. 

In any case, I think seeing as this is an area where people who have an interest in intra-sign differences are concerned, I have a whole new vein on which to proceed in terms of blogging.  I will try and post something about the differences between signs that I know fairly intimately.  I’ll begin with January-February Aquarians, seeing as my brother and sister are one of each.  And there are differences that I notice that do seem to have to do with January cold-cold and February Imbolc-cold.  The quickening in the ground of February Aquarians adds an interesting dimension to people such as Ronald Reagan and Sarah Palin.  (RWR and my brother have the same birthday – Feb. 6, very close to Imbolc actually.)  I think that the January birthdays have a different feeling than the Februaries, and the crystals shake out quite differently.  I’ll have some fun with this, fear not!



1. Lisa - October 5, 2012

Jesus, doesn’t ANYONE leave us damn Pisces alone?? I’m sorry, but your partner sounds like an insensitive jerk!!! Let me guess, he’s a Scorpio, right? I LOATHE ALL SCORPIOS, they are an abomination to humanity…Scorpios and PIsces do NOT mix!! Tell your guy that he needs to appreciate you more and realize that, uh, HE has flaws too???

2. Lisa - October 5, 2012

It’s like, we are the most attacked of all zodiac signs and we never ever EVER get a break in life and people just kick us around when we are down and do not treat us fairly at all!!! This is the reason I suffer from depression, extreme anger, and anxiety, because people have hurt me and mocked me and made snide comments to me all my life for NO REASON!!! Also, it’s ok for others to do something weird and stupid and they get away with it, but oh, if I was to do the exact same thing???? Ohhhhh….nooooo…..it’s heinous and wrong and it ticks people off??

Why did God make it this way?? Because of this, I’m becoming an atheist…..

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