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A Fake It Til You Make It post December 29, 2010

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“Fake it till you make it” is a slogan I’ve worked with in the past, as regards training my mind AWAY from negative, worrisome and irritable thoughts.  Recently, I was graced with the Abraham books.  The Law of Attraction has helped me at least get a deeper understanding of the powers of this Thinking Being, and that it’s not the desires or antipathies I have, but the mere fact of thinking constantly about this or that.  “Focus on what you want and you will get it, and focus and what you don’t want, and you will also get it.” 

So I find myself drifting toward thoughts of financial insecurity, and who doesn’t the week after Christmas?  I do wonder if this might be the last spending orgy in the Sagittarius-early Capricorn window for this vEmpire culture.  Some people said last year would be the one when the wheels came off, and while I keep a vigil on these ideas, I don’t hold my breath relative to predictions. 

One thing that I’ve come to understand in the near 8 years of maintaining a 110 pound weight loss is that the generalized feelings in the larger field do have an effect on me, and especially during the half of the year from Samhain to Beltaine, I need to constantly ask “is this mine or is it someone else’s?”  I’d say it’s 3/4 someone else’s to my 1/4 of my own, mostly as regards the negative stuff.

Things are pretty good right now, though I do have some concerns that I am about to address with one particular Stinkin’ Leechin’ Creditor.  Spirit has been suggesting that I can somehow free myself of this SLC beast, but I need to do so using tools of honesty, open-mindedness and willingness.  This means I have some internal work to do on myself, and I need to take a fear inventory to begin.  I have fears about how to proceed with this SLC thingy; the way I was doing things before brought me to be “okay” with the idea of suicide, if it means I have to go back to working for law firms.  “Go on an interview with Dewey Cheatham & Howe? Sure, just let me pencil it in after I jump off the Key Bank downtown!  They don’t mind interviewing exploded entrails do they?” 

And yes, it really is that bad.  My PTSD from having to deal with vEmpire-praiseworthy personalities needs to heal, and it will probably take 2 lifetimes after this one is completed for that healing to be acccomplished.  Maybe I’ll heal in this lifetime, but in any case, a requirement is no further exposure to the Esq/unts and a means of transforming all that no longer serves me.  I’m putting the entire system into the cup, as we say!

But, guess what just happened there?  I just started to focus on that which I don’t want.  And the more energy I add into that, the more likely it will manifest.  And here it is now that I pull my head out of my ass, and train this mind toward the man I wish to become:

The shaman sitting by the river on a fall day contemplating the rhythms of nature and what she needs to teach me and what I need to share with my brothers and sisters;

The playwright who celebrates the transition from the vEmpire into a more wholesome, holy and healthy living relationship to nature and culture both;

The healer who sits patiently and confidently with an open heart to hear the honest complaints and the plants and animals and stones that will give relief to a client;

The chef who makes delicious, healthy foods and creates a warm and fun ambience for a loving meal and celebration;

The priest of kick-ass rituals that serve up a goodly portion of divine and feral connection to complete spiritual RDAs.

And there’s more where that came from.  I am a sober, abstinent, solvent magician, writing up sacred and frolicsome texts, cooking up amazingly satisfying and nutritious and tasty-tasty meals, whipping up appropriate decoctions or tinctures or what have you for those who are ailing, reading astrology charts and tarot pulses to determine where my beloveds are and where they need to go.  I have a vision of myself in a rich, whole and fulfilling life, and I’m bringing that future backwards to the present.  It is here now, and I manifest it and it’s as simple as that.

FYI, I’m re-reading the Harry Potter books for the 11th or 12th time–I think it’s 12 now!  One for each zodiacal sign!  (Ha, the Pisces Read!) And I was just thinking of when he takes the Felix Felicis potion.  Could it be that he took the potion with a goal in mind, and the pathway just opened up for his moving toward it?  I feel that’s basically what’s going on here.  On some level, the Law of Attraction has been my Felix Felicis.  I’m trusting that the next right action will manifest, and it’s a RADICAL trust to say the least.

But I’m here as a wayshower and/or example for others.  Heck, if I fail at this, I’ll be an example of “don’t let this happen to you.”  Just like that Lucy episode where she tried to write a play and her script was accepted for a portion of a textbook with that chapter title.  Well, somebody has to showcase the 2nd step.  Pat Robertson does that for me.  He’s a perfect example of what I don’t want.  I can be grateful for his hateful and shiteful face for that very reason.  “Don’t let Pat happen to you!” Indeed.


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