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Online Winter Solstice 2010 Poem December 26, 2010

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Just got the idea from Wildhunt.org/T. Thorn Coyle.  This is direct from my heart into the typepad:

Winter Solstice 2010 Poem

My heart beats bodhran-bodhran, behind the wheel
the Honda I inherited.  I have new allies in Pinus
and other evergreens who share deliciousness
in a city park of Hometown, USA.  (Its nickname
for now, before these nation-states enter historyay.)
I create a space of sacredness neath their branches.

The pines bring mushrooms and bats to the fore
to rid me of debris, thoughts of long-ago fashions
mouldering in a decrepit presence medicore.
Oh they shall have a feast and return return return
the life force to a flow Ra would be at home in.
And the snow welcomes my busy feet.

I set about, gather stray twigs with needles
the five-pointed clusters of pine leaves to make
nutritious teas and prevent the scurvy.  Citrus
has come to make me wheeze and wince
so a new greener source will go to where needed
and rejuvenate this lupine deity to boundful bliss.

And evergreen friends make themselves known
at a fateful juncture, as Dionysian sacrifices
become my marching orders.  And yours too –
oh, let’s get the kicking and screaming over with!
Shall we?  In order for rebirth to take place
a death would seem to be required.

From here the year upcoming appears golden
enough.  Possibilties cascade out of visions
emergent. This year shall eclipse the last
and radiant beams shall stream from lustrous
eyes these!  The arrows entrained in the bow
of my calendar–let’s shoot off toward grand horizons!



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