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Themes: Rebirth and Feigning Overconfidence December 11, 2010

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In my recent divinations, I’m noticing the two themes in this post’s title. It really seems to be operatively true that, when I just admit it, that I’m sad and quite frankly traumatized by all the change that’s gone on in the past 6 months, and the prelude thereto in the 6 months preceding them, I can allow for the possibility of rebirth, increase, and unmerciful good fortune to enter into the picture. I’ve also come across the idea that my notions are actually pretty sound, but I have to study the part of the confident fellow to make the things reality.

I think it probably helps to look at this as an actor here. If I were to play Astrov in “Uncle Vanya,” I would need to put myself in his shoes as a late 19th century physician, I’d have to get a sense of his intellect and his ferocity, his essence as a big fish in a very tiny pond, and as a voice of conscience with a lusty physicality. There’s more to the character, but the picture drawn already gives a pretty good idea of the fellow’s role in the ecosystem of Chekhov’s 4 one-acts that comprise that mysterious work.

Similarly, as I continue the convalescence, as the butterfly emergent sits in a guarded alcove to let dry these amazing wings, I need to study the roles I will be playing in 2011 and 2012. The “Mushroom King” going out to meet the other mushrooms in my local area network who I will work with to turn the local cultural/social toxins into fecund compost and F-U-D-E food! for the soul! MM-good!

I also need to study the part of the impresario bringing to the stages of the Capital Region (or points north) so that I might know how best to prepare for my roles that come on board therewith.

More to come. I’ve gotten my “vision-board calendar” as it were, all ready now to mark up with all the projects of this God.

(Now, just where will I put the studies in blacksmithing and candlemaking…? Hmm hmm, decisions, decisions.)



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