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A day to be in touch with grieving November 30, 2010

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Well, I had a piece of news today which I expected, but which I knew would make me sad when I heard it. Sure enough, when I read the news I felt the waves of loss of my relationship at a deeper level. Yes, these things are to be expected, and I ride with it. I’m sober, abstinent, I’m not going to go out shopping. Instead, I drove to the Grafton Peace Pagoda in the misting rain and walked the grounds for a bit. Held counsel with an evergreen of some sort. Now at least I know not to call off them “pine” trees. Not sure what this one was, to be honest. I didn’t realize cedar and hemlock were evergreens before this class.

Anyway, I feel a bit unsettled these days. My trip to Denver and the awarenesses it sparked have not quite settled in yet, and I am aware that I am looking at the trip through some ancient default lenses as well as new perspectives. Need to sit with all the awarenesses and let the mosaic focus in its own unique way.

This week isn’t as busy as it was prior to T-day. I have meetings tonight, Thursday and Friday and choir rehearsal tomorrow. During the day, I have some things–going to see Harry Potter 7 again with a friend who I promised to see it with. Wouldn’t mind losing myself with the magical crew again, actually. It’s a good flick! And I’m starting to get in gear to help plan a Transition Training for the region. If anyone’s interested, comment or send me an email/FB.


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