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Wld Cherry Bark Extract November 5, 2010

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Uncategorized.

Well, I’ve still got this dang ol’ cough. Yesterday, I went to a natural food store and asked about something I could do before I broke down and called my G.P. to get the ickly-quickel-quick-fix. The fellow suggested oil of oregano, which he had suggested to me long ago for hay fever–and it does work quite well I might add–and wld cherry bark extract.

Last night, as I drove to an AA meeting to celebrate my 10th year of sobriety anniversary, I felt a wave of well-being wash over me. I had just taken the extract in 1/4c. hot water, and felt like the Oak King. For some reason, thoughts of the holidays and their yuletide festivity came into me unbidden.

Weirdly, the past couple of days one of the radio stations has been playing Christmas music. Perhaps it’s not all that strange in some reality, but I still felt a dislocation upon hearing “O Christmas Tree” when I was surfing the radio in early November. That strikes me as a bit desperate.

Still, I have long known I can celebrate Christmas every day if I so choose. Good reminder, though it’s something to mark that I had to get sick to remember this.



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