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Selection of details November 4, 2010

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Personal Journey.
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Today I was musing on some of this Law of Attraction concept that I’ve been working with of late, and it struck me how a lot of this attention to our thoughts is like the writing of a play. 

When I sit down to write a play, I first start to get to know the world that is being created.  Right now I’m working on a couple of pieces where I need to understand more about the various worlds in creation.  One is set in a future time, post-civilizational (some would say “post-apocalyptic”, but after having reached abstinence with sugar and flour, my whole world is in the aftermath of revelation anyway).  There are fairies and authority figures and heroes, etc.  But I think the story lives in something that is not heroic but rather wise, and in this world the heroic seems to be opposed to wisdom.  In another play I’m writing, it’s a more contemporary milieu but one of breakdowns that are constantly happening.  Relationships at the center of the work are breaking down, and as I write this it occurs to me that break-downs of all sorts need to be popping up throughout the play.

The thing is I select the details for the work.  With some plays it’s a quick process, but like with My Littleton Play, that process was 25 years in the making, and I had to go through 2 page one rewrites on the project before I selected the correct mode of organization.

Likewise with the world I wish to inhabit.  In prepaving my future existence, I need to select details of what I want for that time 5 years from now today.  So I focus on the fact I like to be in the forest.  I start to visualize myself in the forest today, or tomorrow.  I am planning on heading up to Crandall Park again tomorrow–if my health and the weather cooperate.  I also hope to be able to visit my favorite tree today in Riverfront Park and bring her an offering of carrots.  The future me 5 years from now starts to send messages back to me, and I see a fellow who is the center of command of some organization.  It appears to be me–I feel intimate with the fellow, though for some reason the man is outside of myself.  Perhaps that is an emblem for personal change, that I need to align myself with his energy that he/I become the future me.  I seem to be involved with a forest enterprise of some sort.  The first thing that comes to mind is a paper or wood mill of some sort, but I don’t think that’s going to be it.  Something else.  (My Dad worked at a packaging company for 25 years or so, so I know it can’t be that.)

Anyway, I’m choosing to attract this life of the forest, just as I choose what plants will go in a garden, what characters will populate a play, etc.  John Patrick Shanley, in his introduction to “the dreamer examines his pillow” I belive (if not that, then Savage in Limbo), said “writing is acting is directing is living your life.”  It’s very true, because each one of those does involve the focus on details, and of creating the life that I lead. 

I choose today to live deliberately.  I create the forest guy, the naked shaman, the wise and playful Bard of stage and poetry.  The healer.  These all start to step forward as the king, warrior, lover and mage take part in the manifestation of a life beyond my wildest dreams…



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