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Sorry about the hiatus… October 12, 2010

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Uncategorized.

I will return to my blog soon, I hope on Thursday.  Having set myself free for the first time in my entire life has come at the same time as a number of obligations.  I have a number of things to blog about and I will soon have the time to do that, as our bezzle economy runs out of bezzle.  (After all, who is left to em-bezzle from?) 🙂

It’s been a pretty powerful and joyful time.  I have to say, I really LOVE Rensselaer–who knew?  Perhaps it’s the funny way the name is spelled, but I do like this location of my shamanic cottage very much.  I like that it’s smallish, and I hope I will like my neighbors once I start to introduce myself around.  That will be the challenge, I think.

Still, lots to report on and lots to ponder.  I haven’t yet cleared all the space for my landing yet.  Still have some organizing to do in the apartment, as well as a massive cull of stuff coming.  Ruthless I think.  It will be amazing.

And other things rush in.  Again, I shall disclose perhaps starting Thursday.  I want to projmise, but I just don’t know what might arise between now and then.



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