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Honoring the Ancestral Identity of My Corpseorate “Self” October 6, 2010

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Civilization Anonymous, Cultural Janitorial Detail, Mystical.
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Today marks my rite of passage out of this mode of vEmpire participation.  I have been in a place of nascent awakening in this cocoon of denial that osmoses around us.  This miasma of etherICK.  In honor thereof, I decided to select my Santa tie (ho-ho-ho) to embrace this gift I’m giving myself.  I wanted actually to bring a sarong to work and wear it in the afternoon, but as I recently moved and things in my house are topsy-turvy (I can’t even locate my checkbook as of yet–St. Anthony find it for me stat!), this was not to be.  Nice idea though, still the Santa tie does the trick.

The dead identity has been hanging around me, and today he falls away.  The last little bit of chrysalis will find itself kicked into spirit compost and I will start a new pathway, starting this evening.  As would be fitting, I have the first fall meeting of my playwrights’ group tonight.  In between, I shall enjoy a dinner out as a further honor of this moment of choice.

True to form with job changes, my time at woyklez has been quite busy.  It has been a continued marvel to me how the environment of turbulence further confirms my choice each day.  I see very clearly that only a handful of people are meant to work the way that people around me this day go about their business, and the rest of us try to keep up with it, but start to feel less and less worthy as the mistakes pile up and the rework needs to be done, and then there’s more and more and more of this cockamamie.


So.  I’ve created this space, this landing pad for myself for a little bit, and now I will start to share more of my impressions and true Trance-Formations that emerge from being close to the Hudson River and the landbase in and around Rensselaer.  Perhaps I should change the title of my blog to Hudson Trance-Formations–I don’t know.  Sounds too much like a lot of other Hudson websites, and it’s confusing too because there is a city to the southeast of us called Hudson. 

So far, my impression of the spirit of Rensselaer is that he is quite a handsome fellow, but one who is comfortable in the shadows.  He has no need to step out into the limelight, but I think he does feel a need to be honored and recognized for his observation skills.  This is but a first impression, but that’s what I think for the time being.



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