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Something about Power September 29, 2010

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Mystical, Personal Journey.

Read on doomers.us:

“Power whispers, it has no need to shout.”

When I’ve been in my powerful moments, it comes from a place of just knowing.  Acceptance, allowance, vulnerability–these are power words.  Power itself is something that we in our fear-based/force-fed culture cannot really grasp.  We know it sometimes when we feel it, but more often than not there’s a result we wish to achieve, there are people who need to be enlisted to make that happen, and they want to know what’s in it for them.  In my power, I can bring things together.  There have been quite a few times of late when I’ve not been in my power, when I’ve been in a place of brittleness and rigidity.  I needed to be cracked open, and the husk left to slough off.  That’s since happened, and I’m in touch with a new ferocity.

I don’t need to shout about it.  In fact, the quieter I am the better.  I can get things done unobtrusive, projecting mashed potatoes rather than calling attention to myself and being the thick juicy steak or the delicious butternut squash-apple concoction for dessert.



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