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Moved house September 23, 2010

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Capital Region Notions, Mystical, Personal Journey.

Part of my big news that I alluded to earlier is probably to be inferred from this message, but I recently moved house.  The Troy apartment I lived in (and I do miss it a bit) is in a building with a noncommittal house spirit.  S/he is called “Gunder”, and s/he can shapeshift as a man herself, or a woman himself.  Sometimes Gunder would appear to me as a starry female, and other times as a James Lipton-esque sort of fellow.  (Odd, but there you have it.)  When I asked Gunder as to what my plans should be, the attitude was “Meh. Feh.”  Not exactly welcoming.

So about a month ago I was in Thacher Park dealing with some fallout feelings over the tectonic shifting in my life-plan, and Hekate, Cerridwen, Vesta and Persephone showed up to counsel me.  Vesta in particular took charge of my finding the house, telling me in fact that it had all been laid out for me.  I would be paying $X amount, I would be able to garden and keep my kitties, and I would be in Rensselaer near the water.  I inferred the last part, and I sort of saw a blueprint of something that seemed familiar to me. 

A little over 2 weeks ago, I surfed Craigslist and found this ad.  I decided only to look around in Rensselaer for now.  I don’t have much of a sense of the city itself as yet.  But there are some charms to it that are quite unassuming and quietly beautiful.   I came across the ad and I called the number, and I was surprised to hear the answering voice say “Hilton Center for the Arts.”  It turns out the organization also has a property management arm, and I just … well, sputter sputter, “I think I would like to come and see it.”

And it’s just exactly as Vesta said it would be.  It’s not perfect–there’s like no closet space.  I have organized the space so that my dressing area and office are in one place and my bedroom and altar in another.  My living room is jam-packed with all the stuff that I have accumulated in my almost 30 years since having left my childhood home.  But the thing is, my new home, which was once an icehouse on the Hudson (!), has a spirit as well.

I’ve decided to spell her name Teryka’.  The apostrophe on the end would be an accent–if I knew how to apply one in WordPress that is.  Pronounced (Tare-ee-KAH, not Tuh-REE-kuh)  Like terra cotta without the last syllable.  She’s a mannish woman who’s kind of flummoxed and tickled by me.  That’s all to the good.  There”s a humble and homespun element to her, and I will definitely groove to that.

I shall be spending time in Teryka’, but also I shall be spending lots more time in nature.  Circumstances shift and change week to week.  I will have more in a bit.  But there are others involved, alas.  That’s how life’s messiness can be sometimes…



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