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Radical Self-acceptance September 16, 2010

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Capital Region Notions, Cultural Janitorial Detail, Mystical, Personal Journey.

The past few months have been about shearing away that which no longer serves me.  The unfolding journey of this God demands that the impediments be cast aside, and they have been falling away in rot, or they have realized that their energies and mine don’t agree and blasted themselves away, and I’m getting ready to blast one away that is socially acceptable, but obstructs my wholeness, my authenticity. 

The fundament of Frostwolf is that I am a nature guy through and through.  I woke up to this seven years ago as the sugar and flour left my body.  In fact, it was at about this time of year, as fall started to settle in, that I realized this aspect of myself.  One particular day I went up to the Cloisters in upper Manhattan.  Somewhere after the equinox, I started to notice a deeper beauty in the surroundings, and then I realized the slow-but-fast nature of the changes occurring in the wheel year.  It got so that I could discern the quality difference of autumn before Samhain and after.  Then also, the shift into Yule, even though it’s covered and threaded with all the commercialism of the C holiday.  It wasn’t really until the Groundhog Day of 2004 though, that some things about this started to become more apparent, and the feeling of the earth’s energy below my feet was starting to get my attention.  It was around this time that I was told I was a witch, whether I knew it or not, and before too long, I had started off on a path toward embracing that aspect of myself. 

I had been in small ways all along, with my commitment to my playwriting.  I see in retrospect that much of what goes on with my playwriting reflects a connection to my soul, and many times in the past, that has been able to supersede the addictions in my life.  I have often wondered whether writing itself was an addiction, and I’m sure it can be.  But if so, it’s one like food for me.  I can’t survive without either.

And I can’t survive “nature anorexia” much either.  This is leading me to a deeper understanding of my power.  My raw, naked, natural power, when I’m raw, naked and powerful in nature.  I’m working at the details of manifesting the time I need to enter into what Bill Plotkin calls “the Death Lodge” in Soulcraft.  In fact, there is a physical place that has manifested and into which I shall be moving this weekend.

I shall have a couple of announcements soon.  One which will not be a surprise to those in the know, and the other… Well, let’s just say those who know me will probably say “It’s about effin’ time!”  And then I’ll get to work-in-rest. 

“I’m gonna ride in the Chariot in the morning Lady, I’m getting ready for Acceptance Day. My Lady, Lady!”



1. elaine b. - September 16, 2010

did you get a new job? are you leaving the area? I hope the former, not the latter…

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