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Tarot thoughts: The suit of swords September 9, 2010

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Mystical, Personal Journey.

I drew the Knight of Swords (Cosmic Tribe) today.  Aka King of Swords in other decks.  While I’ve been fascinated with the cards’ book interpretation of this Knight as the Keeper of Ancient Traditions, and I attune to the knowledge and wisdom element of that, on a more mundane level I think it’s about slaying fear-monsters as they come. 

I took a voicemail from a friend who I thought I could share some of what the soul’s promptings are pushing me toward, and all I heard was “fear fear fear fear, and antoher thing FEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRR!! And how dare you, can’t you see I care about you?”  As if I don’t have a few people who I see more frequently who understand what it is I’m going through b/c they see it up close and personal.  The sad thing to me is that the person who left the email went on to talk about another questions I had asked her totally unrelated, and she said she was having a hard time catching up to all her responsibilities and was feeling behind, and blah blah blah.  After I deleted the voicemail, I sat in angst for maybe ten minutes thinking it was mine, but then I realized, no.  It’s not my feelings of fear, it’s hers.  And I don’t need to take them on.

The facilitator of the workshop at Easton Mountain said to hang out with people who recognize my power and ferocity.  That is what I intend to do.  In any case, if this reaction (and even the speaker acknowledged it as such) came from someone who had what I wanted, I would take it quite seriously.  But b/c my friend went off into a “neurotany” of all the things she was behind on, I recognized that here was a person who, while I love her to pieces, does not have a life I would care to emulate.  I don’t want that kind of busy, that kind of stressy.  Nuh-uh, no way.

So the Knight of Swords comes in handy–thwack thwack, the fear is separated from the message and put into a vat of transformation and loved and powered into something I can use safely.  Thank you very much.  I’ll take the energy behind the thoughts, but not the judgments.

I’ve also been musing about the 10 of swords which has been coming up in readings a lot lately.  I performed a reading about a timetable of something I’ve been told is going to happen by a certain date.  What led to the reading was wondering how much of it is to be initiated by me vs. letting things happen.  (Actually, it seems a bit of both–that I will go through a period of being a fool in the immediate future, or foolishness will attend the situation, then at the end with the 5 of wands, I’ll probably have to struggle through an action anyway with a bit of frustration.  (The Hierophant and the 10 of cups give some counsel as to how to approach the situation from a spiritual and an advice point of view respectively.)  The 10 of swords however, showed up in the environment situation. 

To me, this card has 2 meanings in that position–that the situation has gotten to the point that it needs to be put in the can, and I need to move on.  It also can mean that illusions are ripped away from those around me, that they see me for the “crazy” person I really am, and that they will not know exactly what to do with that.  Here, I appreciate the Cosmic Tribe’s interpretation of it as delusion falling away.  Perhaps some people around me will start to get it?

I wrote about my thoughts on the 9 of swords earlier–that it is a card that can be about having woken up from/to the nightmare unfolding.  It can be a card that represents walking a path that no one understands, and feeling bereft or insane even.  Hard not to when the whole world around is showcases insanity ever-increasing each day.  To be sane in a crazed culture would appear utterly batshit to those therein.  Allegory of the Cave, yet again.

The 8 of swords to me is the drama queen card.  Exaggerating the importance of a decision, rather than saying I will choose what is the best.  Temptation: choosing the “good enough.”  Sometimes that is a danger that we don’t know about until much later.  It’s saying however, “let the anxiety and the exaggeration go.  It’s easier than you think to make a choice.”

The 7 of swords also showed up in this reading as that which covers me.  I have been given a direction, an idea of truth and its calling.  And the other 6 swords act to try to interfere with that.  I also like that another way to see it is that there is trickery around me, and that perhaps I am the one who is doing the tricking.  I feel that the actions about to be sprung will be of a trickster energy writ large.  A strategy is at work, and it unfolds one action after another.

I believe I said too that I have had for the year the Princess of Swords as my card of the year, but that after this workshop and the ensuing events still unfolding I felt called to draw a new card (the 10 of disks! Sigh, in gratitutde!)  The princess is the card that is about the assessment of what is, to make a plan then implement it and eventually to evaluate it (when a queen of swords sort of viewpoint gets established).  I would say that the Princess covers the first 2 aspects, the queen the final element, and the Prince and the Knight are in the implementation phase of it.  The King also has something to do with the evaluation, but again as a keeper of records.

The Prince has also come to be the card that represents the sweeping away of the old order.  This prince is the Oya card.

Briefly, this is how I see the “story” of the first 6 swords:  At inception of the idea, there is power and novelty and wonderment.  The idea then encounters others’ apprehension of the idea, including hostile forces; in 2, a need to make peace with this situation ensues.  Making peace can lead to a feeling of sadness because not everyone is going to come on board (the 3), and in the 4, one has to assimilate this understanding and put it into the cells.  In the five, there is an awareness of some defeats going on, either with the idea itself, or the idea is causing the defeat of other viewpoints.  There is also a sense of having to clean up a mess.  The 6 to me, calls upon other assistance from the more-than-human and astral/etheric divine realms. 

Just a few thoughts today.  They come from my life as lived until now.  Btw, today is the half-year anniversary of my abstinence.  7-1/2 years abstinent from sugar and flour today.  Thank you to all those who keep me abstinent, keep it green.



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