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Tarot Card Insight: Princess of Swords September 3, 2010

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Mystical, Personal Journey.

Since 2004, I’ve been drawing a card at Samhain for the year ahead.  I have been doing a Yule month-to-month reading with the Voyager Deck since 1987 or so, but I use the Cosmic Tribe deck to ascertain the energies for an upcoming year.  I’ve had some wonderful ones.

This year has been difficult, but I didn’t really understand what the Princess of Swords had to do with anything.  The CT uses Crowley’s court card system: instead of Page, Knight, Queen, King, Crowley used Princess, Prince, Knight, Queen–inverting the 2 “higher” in the informal hierarchy of the courts of suits.  So the Page/Princess reflects a sort of young/spring energy amidst the court, and therefore seems to be a bit on the child side of things.  With it being swords, there are ideas being toyed with.

I didn’t really think that it was about information gathering however.  When it hit me last week, it was one of those “no-duh!” sorts of moments.  And that is precisely where I have been all this time, though I have also felt I’ve been pressured to act sometimes before I’m ready.  Well, I’ve awakened to the fact that there are some actions I’ve been ready for and for awhile too, I might add.  Yesterday and today I did take some actions I have longed to do. 

In a related context, after my last session at my workshop, I drew a card for my journey forward and received the 9 of swords.  Now, this is one of the cards in the Cosmic Tribe I don’t really resonate with in terms of the images and the context of the card.  The image of the figure rising up out of a nightmare and/or sitting up in bed crying or keening or whatever has always been the signature of the Sword 9 to me.  It would appear that I’m a person who was “woken up from the nightmare.”  And I take Rumi’s challenge “Don’t go back to sleep” very much to heart.  The princess of swords has been pointing me inexorably toward the information that has always been accessible, and over the last 5 months, the more immediate obstacles have been removed one by one, including a surprising one.

This is a potent and delicate time for me, but I show up, I ask for the help I need, and at the right moment, I shall fly into the void in radical trust. 

It’s already happened–I just have to catch up to it now.



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