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Back from vacation August 31, 2010

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Cultural Janitorial Detail, Mystical, Personal Journey, Uncategorized.

Energized, relaxed, aware of newfound fierceness.  I have a lot of wonderful stuff to bring out into the  world, but I was thinking on this:

My last name is “Morell.”  It’s like the mushroom, which drops one of the l’s actually.  Still, I’m contemplating the various meanings of my last name.  One is that mushroom thing right there.  The second is the baby-name book meaning “Swarthy like a Moor.”  In other words, of ebon hue.  But interestingly, I know through random experience that the Moors looked at themselves as navigators.  (Makes me wonder if there’s a connection to the star peoples.) 

The mushroom thing and the navigator thing seem to dovetail nicely for this God.  I do seem to have a sense of how to navigate through a lot of idfferent terrains, internal and external.  I’m really good with maps.  But the mushroom aspect has now become especially provocative to me.  When I attended the screening of the new 2012 movie coming out later this year, one of the panelists afterwards was Paul Stamets who specializes in mycoremediation.  The film explained how mycoremediation works, relying on mushrooms’ amazing capability of transforming toxins into usable materials.  The hub mushroom receives the information from node mushrooms, and the hub goes through its memory (or whatever it might be called), to discover the way to break a material down for use in the entire system.  It sends that info out to the other mushroom nodes which may be near to the toxin in question, and they all begin that process of breaking the material down.

That is part of the role I’m stepping nito in the future.  It’s a goodly task, but obviously one for which I will need to bring forward others who can help with the work.  It also probably involves switching off being the hub node with being just an ordinary node, at times being necessary to drive the bus of cultural remediation as it were.

I got a taste of that at Easton Mountain this past week.  It’s a powerful thing to step into a rite, to offer to take the punishment for someone else who’s transgressed so that the earth and her children might receive a sense of justice.  There’s a lot of sacred drama to enact all right.  I’m just the fierce one to do it.



1. Sandy Steubing - August 31, 2010

Richard, I’m so glad you had a rejuvenating week filled with meaningful drama and introspection but out of town and out of your regular circle of experience. Your last name reminds me of morale or moral both being appropriate to your nature. We just had fun at DEC’s Energy Fair today. I look forward to seeing you next Tuesday.

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