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Disidentifying with “My” Brokenness August 20, 2010

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I’m being confronted on all sides with questions of where my strength lies. It gets a bit tricky here, because I definitely lean more towards “soft power.” Yet even soft power needs to not coddle weakness, it has to let others face the consequences of their actions. I actually want that for myself. Lately, I’ve been looking at the places where someone has made decisions for me, or where they have decided I should do something or get something, etc. And I’m wondering to myself, “how could I let someone or something else get in the way of my own priorities?” It’s nice that I’ve gotten some things, had a couple of experiences, etc. But–

Where is that prudent reserve I’ve been wanting to amass?
Where are my choices reflecting my values?
Where is the move toward community I’ve been longing for?

Perhaps I’m just getting set in my ways, or perhaps I’ve had enough of trying to live by someone else’s ideas of who I should be. Perhaps in my quest for wholeness, the parts of my life where I’ve been kept to identifying with something being broken about me have been swept away so that I may behold the divinity of my true Self. Which is whole and can’t be broken anyway.

Some interesting thoughts to take with me on my vacation. I’ll be up at a Body Electric weeklong workshop called “In the Garden of Love” at Easton Mountain. There is irony even here, which I’m not going to get into. But this is something I know I need to do for myself. Reconnecting all the parts of myself in a sacred container is required. What more will be required after that? To be continued…

Won’t post again until the week of August 30. Not promising that day, though–no sirree!



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