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So I heard Andrew Harvey the other night August 19, 2010

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at the Bennington Center for the Arts.  (Nice place!)  I got there about 20  minutes late, while Mr. Harvey was in mid rant about the current state of the world and that Kali’s a-dancing her skull and dagger tarantella.  Ah, weh.  There is only so much sturm-and-drang a person can take.  While I did get some things out of his talk, it wasn’t much of a surprise that he complained that only 18 people had joined his networks of grace section on his website. 

I found myself wanting to like the man, but very much aware of the component of his personality that was like the Big Book’s famous Director of the Show.  For those who were aware, he was diagramming how he was manipulating us.  Or attempting to, and perhaps that is why, afterwards, when a few of us fellows decided to vacate over to one guy’s house, we discussed how not taken we were by the proceedings.  I found myself semi-bespelled, and the talk after dismissed that which still hung around and suffused the space between my ears and in my ventricles and auricles.  I was quite impressed that the other gay men in the room were as aware of the same things I’ve been paying attention to.  And AH certainly was, but he’s taking the finger-pointing “You should be doing this!” boot camp approach that turns so many people off. 

It’s why I’m more interested in Transition as a way forward, because you can attract more bees with honey than with vinegar.  No wonder only 18 people have signed up on AH’s website.  Well, my $.02



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