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The Power of the Small July 21, 2010

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Cultural Janitorial Detail, Personal Journey.

I am powerful.  Really.  I have to remind myself of that, but it’s the truth.  The power comes in ways that are mostly unacknowledged in the larger world.  Some moments manifest my power in attention to something else.  For a small example, I just read this beautiful article on SOTT.net, which was the text of a graduation speech given not too far from here in Greene County.  I put the link of it up on Facebook.  I wonder where that might lead.  The power of my attention on something being shared has wider ripples.

We are all fractals of power.  The little choices we make, such as committing my food to a sponsor, and now reporting how much I spend each day and on what.  I’m now going to start to do the same with the groceries I buy, grouping them by type of item – produce, proteins, grains/starches, fats/condiments, household, cat food/llitter, beverages, magical supplies.  (I buy 7-day candles and “spirit foods” at the grocery.)  This particular act of keeping my numbers seems to be going a looooooooong way to increasing my power.

I’ve discovered I don’t really like to pay for meals out.  It gives me less and less joy to go out, except on special occasions.  Even then, it feels kind of unimaginative.  Though I do like taking J. out to dinner for his birthday and I like it when he does the same for me.  I really crave the feeling of being debtless though.  Unencumbered.  Free.

So I imbue that idea with power.  I imbue the idea of generosity with power, and show up to sacred duties as a sponsor for example.  I have recently become aware of “holes” in my spirit body that I now “spackle” with mana when I get the chance.  Another small action I do almost every day, put myself in a charged and protective bubble.  Along with other spiritual cleansings.  These have ripples, and they actually are responsible for much that is tottering my this God’s life.

I’m grateful, but it sometimes hurts.


1. Amanda - July 21, 2010

“We are all fractals of power”. I love it. xo

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