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Hitting bottom, culturally July 15, 2010

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Civilization Anonymous, Cultural Janitorial Detail, Mystical, Personal Journey.

Today I read that James Hillman noted that the difference between civilization and culture is that the former is dead and relies on control and fear, while the latter is alive and must continually change and breathe and become something new.  Let me take it a step further and suggest that culture will tend to wipe out the civilized over time, otherwise cvilization will kill culture when it finds it.

Of course that is pretty much impossible, really.  Witness our obsession with weeds and pests and waste.  These things are actually defects if we step back from our civilized mindset.  My partner and I have decided to let certain “weeds” grow in our garden and lawn, unless they get in the way of other plants.  We allow dandelions, lamb’s quarters and plantains.  There are other things we remove–volunteer maples, unidentified potential trees, grass, volunteer violets, and for the summer at any rate, clover, since it gets into everything.  But we do for the most part love many of our weeds.

There are competitors for our food–a squirrel that got into our broccoli, a few bugs and slugs, ants and maggots.  I won’t call them pests, but I don’t want them eating the food we have planted for our table either.  It’s a ruthless competition that nature sets up, and we get to use our brains to go into the conflict and make sure our garden is all right.

We compost most of our leavings, though I’m conscious of the fact I generate some trash.  I’ve seen other people generate a lot more, but I really would like to get it down to nothing.  Pretty much, it’s just a tall kitchen bag full from week to week.  The trash is mostly packagijng, alas.  But there are leavings we choose not to compost, such as corn cobs.  We’ve heard that potatoes are problematic as well, so if I have ones I’ve left for too long, they go into the trash r/t the compost.  Also our cats’ litter goes in the ashelly trasheltrash as well.

I’d like to begin to apply these concepts to the structural detritus looming.  I don’t know exactly when it started, but I’ve been sort of a secessionist for decades.  When I lived in Denver, a part of me really wanted to see all urban areas secede from the country.  Other people pointed out to me that this wasn’t a wise thing, but I had pretty much culturally seceded from the National League vs. American Division vs. Hollywood vs. Main Street vs. JehovahSatan vs. The Golden Girls stuff during that time.  And I’ve come to see Us vs. Them as the ultimate Fix.  Witness Mel Gibson and Sarah Palin, division addicts extreme.

One can’t build a community on “We’ve got to go to war against Them’ns!”  And yet our entire society is based on that basic toxic addictive belief.  Why else would war and death on a mass scale become the basis of our financial system?  How else can a psychopathic 1% enlist a fear and rage and control-based 14% to keep the other 85% at bay other than by the hysterical fingerpointing at supposed enemies who are really nothing more than other me’s?  Why does the reptile brain insist on going to war with the reproductive and digestive systems, enlisting the arm and leg muscles in the process?  I mean, if we’re talking about the body politic and the 1% is the reptile brain, then this way of looking at it is valid.  One part of the body has decided another part is a weed or a cancer.  The reptile brain just doesn’t like that alimentary canal — excretion? Horrors!  And the reproductive system?  Well, we don’t need that because Armageddon is is the ultimate in orgasmatronic bliss! “Come Jesus, blow us all away with your bullets of luhhhv!” …. OK, step away from the control panel now.

To some extent, I too am infected with this diseased thinking.  And I’m inside the Matrix, the vEmpire of which I have spoken much in this blog.  It is a dead thing and a murderous thing and a thing so deeply in pain that it medicates itself with ineffective drugs all the time.  Anything but to face its demise head on, and I feel that this humongous oil spill is an image and a reflection of this state of affairs working on so many levels as to boggle the mind. 

Are we done yet?  Have we hit bottom yet?  There are the crazies who seem to be determined to drive the clown car off the cliff.  And there are others of us who are trying to hold to a different frequency, and to some extent I think we do have an effect.  And it serves to make the nutcases even nuttier.  The only prayer that works is “May you know God[ Herself}’s will for you.”  I translate that for others to mean “May your sexual potency increase.”  For people who are at war with their own sexuality, as well as with everyone else’s, this prayer of God’s will for them  Does. Not. Compute. Explode. Head. Now.

Some people don’t have a bottom, and the rest of us have to get out of the way of them.  In some cases, in order to protect others and ourselves, we will be required to wrest the controls from these individuals.  Some of them won’t go down without a fight.  We need to understand that.  But try as they may to control the awakening of others and trying to cut off any avenue toward it, they are just SOL really.  For spirituality and soulfulness are like those lamb’s quarters and dandelions I mentioned.  They just keep popping up.  So what if you clip a few here and there–you don’t get rid of them.  And they will outlast you and I. 

In any case, I’m Richard/Frostwolf and I am compulsively civilized.  I am powerless over the death/fear/control based machine system and my life has become unmanageable.  Hey, how ya doin’?



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