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Solvency, FIRE Economy and Currency Shift July 14, 2010

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Civilization Anonymous, Cultural Janitorial Detail, Personal Journey.

For the past month or so, I’ve been “keeping my numbers,” tallying my expenses and then reporting them to an outside observer.  I have come to see I spend way too much money on things like soda and coffee.  And I’m really starting to look at my grocery purchases as well, looking at how I can reduce my spending in that area so that I might “become an adult” about money.  The bulk of my paycheck goes to debt repayment, and I do need to pay attention to that for spiritual reasons.  It’s difficult however, always to know where the priorities need to be. 

And it’s all moving in a current towards the waterfall as the Finance Insurance Real Estate (FIRE) economy starts to sputter into the ashes of having consumed all that’s out there to consume.  Oh, to be sure there are the pollution, starvation, poverty, debt-servitude, genocide and slavery futures to look forward to.  That might read like a joke.  but there are such things as CDS’s and other financial WMDs.  Basically stock market gamblers investorss have been placing bets on companies to go belly up, and are starting to do so on countries and UINOSA states as well as a municipalities.  And let’s not forget that some people stood to make money off of 9-11, but they could never dare come forward to claim their lilthy fucre.

Each day when I’m putting out my various prayers in my garden, I pray to have the financial wherewithal in this volatile and imploding economy as well as in all economies emerging.  Many hopeful possibilities are being batted about hither and yon.  Slow money, alternative currencies, etc.  These conversations help to start to frame what economics really is supposed to be about, as in direct relation to ecology.  They both have to do with our home and how we use what is around us.  For far too long we’ve looked at our world as a collection of stuff to do with as we please.  Rather selfish and self-destructive ultimately, seeing as all sorts of shenanigans creep in when we stop considering that the ants and the weeds, the wolves and the otters are our relations. 

We are all one.  But we mistreat ourselves in the guise of the other.

I keep my numbers, and while I don’t think it’s a fruitless pursuit, I do wonder about this whole money-debt synonymous status.  The money in my pocket was probably lent into being, and therefore doesn’t really hold all that much meaning.  Sure, I can use it to purchase goods and services, but it feels somewhat “dead” to me.  At least not as much of a living possiblity as it is to barter or trade goods for my services, or vice versa. 

There are patterns of cleaning up after myself and others surrounding me–totally Pluto in Virgo stuff.  Transform the muck into something useful.  I work with others today to transform my relationsihp with money, but also money itself.  Let us all pray to help the terminal idea of lending money into being into the grave.  Let us give rise to an economy that has a different basis, one that is tied to working with mother earth and a healthy regard for our places of living, loving and being.  We need an economy that works to form and maintain the life we all want to lead, letting those who would rather make their lilthy-fucre from exploitation begin to exploit each other.  (Let’s see how that cannibalism feeds itself–might be amusing!)



1. gwen deely - July 15, 2010

i couldn’t agree with you more! the current economy is based on useless, greedy concepts and no longer works. it is detrimental to the spirit and makes absolutely no sense. it is easier for companies to let good businesses leave and have a space stand empty for years; it is better for companies to lend money to those who can never repay it; other companies buy up the bad loans and turn it into money for them. the economy is not based on physical goods, supply and demand, it is based on things that have nothing to do with practical sense!!! nothing!! society consumes out of a sense of entitlement and one-upsmanship. it’s all disgusting! i cut soda and coffee (only buy one cheap cup per day) out a long time ago. water is just as good as soda! it’s just a small step, but life is full of small steps. keep writing, richard!

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