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Haven’t been blogging much lately June 9, 2010

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Personal Journey.

Two Thursdays ago, my mother informed me that my Daddles isn’t doing very well.  What they thought was a cough, that kept hanging on and on, turned out to be much more than that.  Lung CA.  And evidently there’s nothing to be done.

Yesterday, my mother called to say that his health has deteriorated quite a bit.  He looked terrible according to her.  And she’s been emotional, and I’ve been emotional too.  Didn’t have the greatest relationship with him.  And he’s had the Alz for 10-12 years now.  Part of the reason they moved up to NoDak was because the big city of Denver was too frightening for my Mother to deal with in relation to him.

And a few years ago, she became too tired to be able to take care of him.  And over a year ago, he became too much of a burden for the SNF in Devils Lake to take care of.  So he’s in a special home in New Rockford, and now I’m praying that his last days be comfortable.

Today I drew the Tower card, and the Eihwaz rune, along with the Alder Ogham.  My cat Samson got out of the yard while I was involved with the garden, and I … well, I see it as some sort of sign.  When The Tower shows up, I pay a bit more attention, though today that’s a bit difficult.

Anyway, I find myself just drifting today.  Just want to sit by the river, but it’s raining a bit.  Walking by the Hudson a few minutes ago gave me a bit of peace.  It was really fragrant there.  Also chatted a bit with my favorite tree Eleusis.  She’s really a boon to me.  Someone is living by her though.  She’s an inviting sort.

Well.  Life goes on.  I get to go through this.




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