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Industrial Civilization as Initiation May 27, 2010

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Civilization Anonymous, Cultural Janitorial Detail, Personal Journey, Uncategorized.

Over the past few months, as I’ve wrestled with cruddy-crapola feelings of despair, angst, dread, etc., I went through a process of transformation.  Several months ago I had the signals that I was the caterpillar entering the chrysalis, to metamorphose into what, I wasn’t sure.  I seem to have cracked that open in just the past 2 weeks with a big change that happened in my work-life, and a strange release from an old self concept that ensued.  Much went on in this processing of my experiences over the past 5 years, actually.  A lot of sh*t got outgeworked.

As inside, so outside.  I see that our social system writ large is going through a similar metamorphosis moment, and it occurred to me that I’ve read other writers looking at who we have been from a psychohistorical perspective, who see the current transition point we sit inside.  So much of our mistakes and bad choices as broken individuals comprising a disconnected species in toto, are now blaring their obviousness at us.  And a lot of people still carry on, BAU, as if there were no millions of gallons of oil in the Gulf of Mexico, as if earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis were no big deal, as if sending our young people over to countries that don’t want anything to do with us so that we may wrest for ourselves more of the crud(e) under the ground was something easily under the rug swept. Away from Barbara Bush’s beautiful mind.

The kakistrocrats and kyriarchs who have deigned themselves uppermost act out our collective shadow.  It’s unfortunate we use the word “shadow” to describe these things, as if the dark were something bad.  Yes, it does hide a lot of negative matter, a lot of difficulties that need our loving touch and care.  But it also houses much of what sustains and nurtures us.  We can’t grow a plant without the cover of soil on a seed, and the seedling needs to branch its roots out where the sun doesn’t reach.  We have similar darkness roots that we must nurture and protect.

Still, these people who would have us ignore the kewl-kidz-pyipplz behind the smiley-face curtain, who would demand we listen to these same folks in their guise as “Ex/perts” (maybe that should be ex-perps?), enact a certain process that we each have to stand up and say “Let me know how that works out for ya as I exit upstage even!” 

They are the ones who get us to reflect on ourselves, similarly to the way the Star Goddess reflects back on Herself in Feri tradition lore.  Similarly to how all of us, as sparks of the divine, reflect back divinity to ourselves as we gaze upon each other.  These people who think they have benefited from the onslaught of Sorcerer’s Apprenticeship, who would have us think they’ve perfected it all, turn out to be delusional about these verythings.  And for people such as myself, the bigger and more wide this awareness, the better off we all will be.

As I have emerged from the chrysalis and as my wings have been hardening, and as I’ve been strengthening the vehicles of this God, I now turn and wonder about where the rest of the collective is.  There are, to me, not an insignificant number of people who are further along this path.  In terms of the human species total, however, I think that those people number 0.001% maybe?  That’s being generous.  (If there are about 6.5 billion people on the planet, that would mean about 65,000 people more advanced or equal to where I’ve progressed, worldwide?  Seems about right to me.)

It sounds a bit arrogant to speak this way, I realize.  Am I really all that different from those new age crystal-suckers or self-righteous vegans out there who pronounce this, that and the other as less-than?  Well, I don’t call other people out as being defective, even though I like to mock those who don’t think things through.  Those folks in Arizona who would like to see it turn all white aren’t really thinking it through.  Reactions to a real danger – borderland narco-war battles and demented soldiers in that fight – do not really make for a great place to live.  I can respect the impetus for the dumb/dumber/dumbest laws that have been put on the books, but giving free rein to addictive othering?  Seems like a greasing up of the slide into a cultural bottom if you ask me.

Which is part of the point of this post actually.  The more we flail, the more we twist and turn in this petrol-based quicksand, the more we become ensnared.  And this will either kill us or we will at some point surrender our wills to a higher power.  And accept whatever that will entail.  And I personally think it will lead to some way of living that is better than this gas-vapor-locked cubicle hell. 

Lately a thus-far relatively low-key guide has swooped into my immediate radar.  The dragon has landed with me, in me.  And I’m here to unfurl a new set of orange and blue metal-shiny wings.  Look upon me, and be renewed.



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