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Multiple Streams … 10? May 25, 2010

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Civilization Anonymous, Cultural Janitorial Detail, Personal Journey, Uncategorized.

I have lost track of how many times I’ve posted random thoughts about what-not. Please forgive me if I’m ahead by 1 or 2.

I:  I’m convalescing from a successful spiritual surgery, but that doesn’t mean I can take time away from woyklez.  In any case, woyklez has gone a profound shift and things have utterly transformed.  Not in a way that I as yet have an opinion on, though other people around me are all “Be Brave, Frostwolf.”  I’m keeping an open mind.  It is a strange comfort that my Willow Tree teacher has said I’m here still for a purpose and that I’m supposed to hone some talents at da woyklezplayss.

II.  I had a dream night before last that on its face was innocuous enough.  I dreamt that I was reading a letter to the editor of a local newspaper, where the letter’s author was complaining that his last letter to the editor received no response from the newspaper.  They published it, but that was it.  And the previous letter was about a strange detail preceding a sort of 9-11 event involving the grocery store I mostly shop at.  Evidently 2 cops had pulled over a truck moments before the “incident.”  I could see the event in my mind’s eye.

For some reason, I was startled awake TERRIFIED.  I held the most intense amount of fear in my body, and I was totally confused as to why.  It might have something to do with the event in Stream #I–in fact, it most likely does–but I laid there quaking and thinking, what the hell is this about?  I did remember I had not locked my apartment door–not that it would matter much.  The front door is pretty secure, but I got up and locked it anyway.  The fear abated for a little bit, and I managed to get back to sleep.  Odd that it should also happen on the first day with the new arrangement.  That thought also crossed my mind, but … we’ll just have to see.

III.  Seems like my connection with a certain rock star is being activated–I’ve been noticing odd moments when his voice pops up.  Today, I just happened to be walking over by State & Broadway, and heard one of his earlier performances, and funny enough, I looked up at Aurora and she seemed to be wearing the most smug expression.  I got the sense she was looking directly at me.  Sometimes that happens.  Mostly though she’s not really that zoomed in.  But today, she had a certain edge to her.  Sort of unnerved me, but … I do pay attention to these things.

IV.  Over on LATOC I posted about the need our vEmpire has for a slave class, and that a lot of the anti-immigration fervor and the racist strains therein point to this uncomfortable fact that is totally unacknowledged in our self-aggrandizing, infantile and oxymoronic mindset.  (“Land of the free” anyone?)   Over time I think people are starting to turn into various types of folks.  There are, of course, the Morlocks and the Eloi–the cannibal-psychopath-vampires and their willing food.  There are also secret tribespeople as well, who hide in the woodwork and at some point will just bail.  (I think/hope I will be one of those!)  There are the Arawaks who, when Columbus discovered the “new world” were beset upon and the Spanish attempted to enslave them.  However, they all died within 50-75 years I believe, due to the facts of the diseases Columbus and his crew were carrying, but also because of the psychic illness at the heart of vEmpire/civilization which requires such things as slaves.  The Indians of Hispaniola died over time because so much of their spirits were lived somatically, and because the self-proclaimed overlords were determined to break these poor souls’ spirits, they also ended up breaking their bodies as well. 

Is it a strength or a weakness that contemporary people are so accustomed to being enslaved that they don’t see their invisible chains?  And when, as will happen in patchwork forms to be sure, the vEmpire starts to lose its grip, and to have it forcefully loosened in places, where its wraithlike clutches will be crushed with vehemence, what will become of these people?  Do they have an inner resilience that will carry them through?  I’m sure more than a few do, but still.



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