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Moving up the timeline??? May 18, 2010

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Curious thought–or maybe it’s mere wish fulfillment–but with the current changes in my workplace, and my ever-increasing determination to not let a certain situation transpire… could it be that an involuntary liberation is at hand?  Perhaps one that influences all of us?

I threw a reading today about the possibility of changing my daily circumstances through an irrevocable act.  I prefer not to say what exactly that is, though I am sure pipplez ken rd btwn the lnz.

The first card: 2 of wands.  Hm. Stability crossed with dynamism according to one tarot. Crowley says it’s dominion.  I think of it as becoming awake to my power.  Covered by THE TOWER!!!  Crossed by the Queen of Swords.  That could refer to the person most directly involved in my desires NOT to go down a certain path.  The past card is the 3 of disks – productivity.  The future is the 3 of wands – virtue to some.  I think of it as acting from a place of alignment.  That is why I think I’m probably going to have what I want, but that it might be the result of some difficulty… for others, but not for me?  Hm.  That’s a possibility too.  The tower frequently focuses on the liberation of the little people below.  I seek that.  The “people” in the tower (Persons in the Delaware legal definition of the term, anyone?) falling out of it would be a salutary thing.

Anyway, the foundation is the 2 of cups (love) and the Higher Power card is the 5 of pentacles which is material adversity.  Accepting and embracing that I can let go of fear of people and economic insecurity.  At least that’s what I’m thinking.

The blocked path: King of Swords – so no path of mind through this.

Environment: The Page of Wands.  I have a hard time with that card b/c it’s Jody’s card.  So when it comes up in a reading I automatically think of him.  Still, the energy of the card is adventure, no?

Advice: Magician.  HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM….

Outcome: 8 of Disks, which I think of as right livelihood and right work.  It’s also Prudence and Permission according to the cosmic tribe.

The bottom card: Ace of Disks – so some financial/material/physical beginning is in the offing.

“Linking” card (which is arrived at by adding up all the cards with numbers on them and reducing them e.g., if the cards add up to 46, then 4+6 = 10.  Reducing down to a number less than 22): The Emperor.  So I’m being called to take charge of my own life on some level.  To express that active, masculine principle in service of what is the work of this God…

I may have to do something.  But with the Tower, I wonder if I even have to do anything.  I shall have to see.  It might be that I just burst into tears come next Monday.  That may be the thing that seals the deal.  q.v.



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