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Cultural Janitorial Detail May 14, 2010

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I will say I’m adding my energy to vEmpire wrecking crew, which is to say the prayer “Let’s hear it for the Sun God, Ra! Ra! Ra!” 🙂  But really, I know that I’m one member of the Cultural Janitorial Detail, and I’m here to help with the sweeping away of kyriarchal and thuggermental and necronomic detritus and debris as it explodes into bits and pieces of shrapnel.

I am here to help the wounded to heal their psychic shatterings, their wounds received during the toppling of these towers of ridiculous hubris and high-flying over-reach. 

I am here to shepherd the smaller but just as terminal institutions into their death-beds where they might loose their virtual coils and rest in memories, fond and not-fond.

I am here to rebuild people from the ground up to help them remember that we are all leaders.  That no one of us is to be more important than anyone else.  That while there are situations where we have some knowledge–maybe even pearls and emeralds and sapphires of wisdom–we are not the end all and be all.  And that we have to share our understandings unselfishly so that more may stand in their true power.

I am here to celebrate when people speak their honest truth, even when it flies in the face of my own understanding thereof.  There are always going to be conflicts and challenges, and I am getting stronger these days because of loved ones telling me how I can express my anger, outrage, discomfort, gadfly sensibility, etc., and that the world won’t end and that I won’t be shunned.

I am here to help people awaken from their enslavement and to open up to the strength I wrote of in the last paragraph, if they are willing and able.

I am here just to accept others as they are.

There is more to C.J.D. than this.  Perhaps I should change the name too–CJD is the medical acronym for Creuzfeld-Jakob Disease, which is human spongiform encephalopathy (or what we know of as Mad Cow Disease).  Might do that later, but this is just a start.  I’ll keep a running tab of what all this will entail.



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