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Reassemblage May 13, 2010

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Over the weekend I had a mini-crisis that almost led to my blowing my abstinence.  I caught myself inside a fog of misery that arose because of some strange confluence of my needs and sensitivity which collided with my partner’s crankiness and hunger-related irritability.  J later confessed he was in HALT for much of this last trip.  And his mistakes were in not cluing me into that, so I could have made some different choices about how to approach his phone calls.  I blundered in to a painful situation.  But it resulted in the death of some aspect of myself that was ready to die.  And Jody’s irritability slayed it.

Basically, it was an initiation–and an involuntary one at that.  Funny enough, I was just talking with my best friend about initiations and that the involuntary ones always seem to live longer. 

So in any case, I’m better and stronger.  Plus, I have a new image of myself today:  I’m a member of the Cultural Janitorial Detail, sweeping up the detritus and debris of vEmpire and necronomy.  Looking for the other members of the Crew to help and sweep away the vestiges of taker-hierarchical cuntishness. 




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