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My 5 year vision, continued April 29, 2010

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As regards this 5 year vision, I’m charged right now with working backwards from it to the present day.  And weird as it seems to me, I have the incredibly strong feeling that now is NOT the time to change anything whatsoever.  Do my practice. Go to work.  Work my abstinence.  Garden.  Write and perform poetry and music. 

Well, I am supposed to temper down my theater involvements but that’s because the poetry/music is stronger at the present time.  And I’m also called to start looking for opportunities to pick up small skills for the future’s posterity.

I want things to change.  I’ve lit candles for Oya to come in and sweep out the old.  It’s happening all around me–might as well send out a hook into that energy and use it for other sorts of changes, right?  I want to change a lot in my life, but there’s an inertia.

Maybe it’s not really though.  The Hathors have an interesting take on this time, calling it a Chaotic Node, and that the earth and sun are bringing about changes that they do every 13,000 years or so.  It’s just that time.

Coupled with our energy overload, things are only going to get really hot indeed.  Though they could also get really cold too.

I still have to flesh out the person I am becoming.  I do see myself teaching and being an elder in Troy.  I see myself also being somehow involved in Albany as well.  Maybe Schenectady too, but it’s hard to get a focus on that at the present time.  More will be revealed.

Last night in meditation, I was shown the region in the other realms where cities go to dream.  I was asked “What do you wish for Troy?”  This is a part of my calling, I see.  I wonder where it will lead.

What I wish for Troy right now is that it wake up to how wonderful it is.  And I think it is doing so.  There are problems, of course.  Troy has a problem with doing things “half-assed.”  Except for RPI which I think can go to the other extreme, just on casual observation.  Honestly, I don’t think Troy is meant for the automobile.  It’s made allowances for it, but I think it’s much better suited to a non-auto sort of deal, with maybe exceptions made for Ferry and Congress streets going East/West, and 1st-4th streets going North-South.  But other than that… I don’t know. 

I’m just dreamin’.

Mostly I want for the place to learn how to be respectful of differences and to value them.  I want for people to hold up mirrors to fingerpointing yahoos, and say “this is who you’ve got to focus on changing.  The more you focus on me, the louder I’m gonna say DO YOUR EFFIN’ JOB! Change your own g.d. self, whydoncha!”

This is where community will develop, and it won’t until people start to wake up to the self-work they’ve got to do, I’m afraid.  Otherwise it’ll be all about buck-passing, and one can only build a sand castle on that, and trust the ocean WILL come and ruin the hard work in a fit of evanescence.

I want also for there to be an inviting black box theater there, one that is accessible to people but prepared for the next leg down in the collapse series. 

I’m sure other things will come to mind.



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