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The Princess of Cups and 9-11 April 27, 2010

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Several years ago, I decided to consult my Tarot deck (Cosmic Tribe) to ask “What card signifies the events of 9-11?” 

While it would have surprised me to no end if it had been The Tower, Death, Judgment or the 10 of Swords, it would have been expected.  It would also have been quite ironic had it been The Sun or Temperance or the 9 of cups (the “Wish Card”).  Anyway, I drew the Princess of Cups, which has pretty much confused me ever since. 

 Usually, she’s been quite the happy card.  Beneficial messages, joy, conviviality.  Negatively, she can be moody expression, pretentiousness, perhaps emotionally devious though more in line with deceiving oneself then turning around and deceiving others based on the self-deception originating.  Also messages delivered with emotional incoherence or unspoken agendas.   Not that I’m giving as much credence to the negative

For years I’ve puzzled over it, especially when I draw the card for my daily card reading.  Now, there’s not been another 9-11 sort of event that has come up, though I do notice I feel a bit of tenseness that is perhaps a holdover from my own 9-11 experience.  Looking at my log which I’ve kept for the past almost 6 years, I noticethemes of dreams, quiet reflection, parties even.  Sometimes auspicious beginnings.  Sometimes the dreams are disturbing or oddly humorous in their bizarreness.  She’s a quirksome court card, that’s for sure.

So over the weekend, it occurred to me that the Princess of Cups is about a certain kind of dream, albeit one that harrows the soul sometimes.  And it hit me that really, the Princess of Cups is THE card to represent the idea of transition from the global economy to relocalization of same. 

She is the joyous midwife of the new, even as she is the hospice worker joyously helping our vEmpire culture to slough off its mortal coil, even though it’s not going very softly into that good night.



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