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Spring Fever 2010 April 23, 2010

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Capital Region Notions, Civilization Anonymous, Personal Journey.
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Some days, it’s just harder. Is all.  Is all I’m sayin’.

I’m not even sure when it comes over me.  The title of this entry could be “Winter Fever” or “Fall Fever” for that matter.  It’s just that I crave to be outside, to be outdoors and to feel the elements all about me. The sun, the wind, rain, snow.  To see the trees and the seasonal flora shift, change.  To be more a part of the cycle of life and death in this region.

I was outside for an all-too-brief hour this afternoon.  Actually less, more like 45 minutes, and it was hardly enough.  And when I realize that I’m not getting enough, I tend to feel quite a bit discomfited, irritable, irascible even. 

I have good self-control, but inside I’m just all atwittch.  Wanting to express some physical energy and just let ‘er rip.  I’m at work. I squelch.  Don’t want to be more cunted than I am already.  Shapeshifting comes in handy, but times like these.

I really wonder if it wouldn’t be better to just pull the costume off once and for all.  Go naked into the world.



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