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Hobbled by Empire April 22, 2010

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Civilization Anonymous, Personal Journey.
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Sometimes you just come across a phrase that sticks in your mind.  Charles Hugh Smith’s closing sentence in today’s post on oftwominds.com not only resonates, it resounds

Try as I might to resist the consensus trance surrounding us all, permeating our every bit of reality whether we’re doomers or cornucopians alike, it always seeps in.  There are days when I feel grossed out by it, but most days I just tolerate it or succumb to a stupor that leaves me spent–and I”m doing hardly anything.  It’s not like the kind of spent my f0rebears had when they put in long days at railroads or in whatever form of salt mine they may have toiled in for 12-16 hours a pop.  Even so, I feel just as enchained and enslaved.  Sure, I’ve got it cushy and who am I to complain? 

But I know that something’s coming, and people around me aren’t going to like it.  I probably won’t like it either, but at least I have the small(est) benefit of understanding I GET to live life on life’s terms.  Sober, abstinent, and probably whether I like it or not, solvent–eventually.

With spring burgeoning up here in Counties Albany, Rensselaer, Saratoga, Schenectady et al., I am eager to get in touch with the earth.  Or “Eaarth” as Bill McKibben now calls this planet which is a shell of its former gloriousness thanks to our ExpoitzTM.  I find myself wishing I could go off somewhere and lie on the ground for … I don’t know, a day or two?  Just to soak in the vibes coming up from below.  Just to be reminded that nature is taking care of my every need. 

I have visions of various futures, and I’m not sure but I think some of them might be future lives.  Civilization as we know it today seems so far away from these visions.  In fact, I wonder if they aren’t past lives from thousands of years back that are coming forward as reminders of where we need to search to reclaim and recover from our binges and deprivations.  I seek to find that zone of comfort that relies neither on a spree nor on a diet of gruel.

Still, the h0bbling I’ve suffered (that we’ve all suffered) at the hands of this intrusive, micromanaging necronomic cunture also holds me to an understanding that I need to find others who recognize the need to heal myself.  They recognize that they need to heal themselves too.



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