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Does Distractedness Serve a Purpose? April 16, 2010

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Personal Journey.
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My burning question of the day.  I’ve been easily distracted of late, and it’s not quite like I don’t want to be here.  Today the problem is somewhat exacerbated by the fact that I got to bed late the last 2 nights (damn you Stieg Larsson!).  But it only brings out the distractedness more.  Oh, to be able to just curl up and go to sleep…

The distractedness isn’t a bad thing necessarily.  I have the odd sense that it’s serving some purpose I don’t quite understand.  It actually feels like a backhand form of protection for the moment, which makes absolutely no sense to me.  Distracted, yet protected?  What-what?

I have the feeling that I will know more soon as to why this is, and that a northern guardian and the Orisha of the winds (Oya) have a hand in this.  While I was on my walk, I experienced two signs beyond the FedEx trucks that underscored the need to spend time with the deities so indicated.  I happened to glance down on the bridge to Riverfront Park, and saw the name “Diana Triples.”  Now that might have been erroneous in terms of my vision, but that’s what I registered, and I sense that the triple goddess and my own triple soul were speaking to me.  This was underscored later by a crow squawking at me from near my willow friend.

Anyway, I wanted to put something up on the site today, and I just wasn’t feeling much of anything other than this distraction business. 

Wonder what it’s here for.



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