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What Is In My Heart? #1 April 15, 2010

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Capital Region Notions, Mystical, Personal Journey, Poem-A-Day.
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For the past few months, when I get outside on my lunch hour I attempt to sit by the Hudson or at the downtown Bruegger’s and write from the heart place.  I finished writing the first draft of a one-act play a few weeks or maybe a month ago (and I finished typing it today–it’s hard to type one’s own work when working as a secretary for 8 hours…), and lately it’s been poetry. 

I do seem to be called back to a strange and difficult script I started writing several years ago, under the sometimes formal direction of Cerridwen.  (Hence my other blog “Cerridwen’s Mountain,” for she is the steward of the mountain of playwriting. And in fact, I need to honor her for the finish of the first draft of Doin’ Damage, as well as typing the first draft of an even older pair of full-length one-acts I’m tentatively calling vEmpire’s Last Grasp.)

So, I thought today I’d try and blog what is in my heart.  It’s not an easy thing to do if I don’t really know what’s there.  At present, the feelings are a warm electric buzzing and a potent sense of possibility.  NOthing immediately springs to mind.  Just pure potential at this point.

Though I feel I desire to manifest a few things.  My plays and my other writings are in their own ways spells.  And I will sit with these works for a time, and contemplate their present state.  They will change I know.  As all of my scripts must. 

There are plays I need to go back to and revision with the awarenesses I’ve gained in the past 10-12 years.  I’m a very different person than I was when I started writing Adrenaline, Killing the Audience, Mutable Grand Cross.  I feel content for the time being with My Littleton Play.  But there’s tweaking that needs to be done there as well.

Last night I read Doom Sonnet #37 and Iron Pentacle Power Point #4 at the Live in the Living Room series at the GLCCC.  Felt good to get back into poetry in Albany.  The featured poet read a couple of Schenectady poems.  Yea!  I need to write my own homages to the spirits of the various cities, neighborhoods and region.  That will be fun.

What is in my heart?  Quite a bit I see.  But it comes out in dribs and drabs.  As it should.



1. kseverny - April 15, 2010

so true, so honest.

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