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Tarot Reading About Where We Stand Now April 6, 2010

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Civilization Anonymous, Mystical.
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(in regards to the vEmpire collapse occurring all around us…)  Tarot deck: Cosmic Tribe; Celtic Cross reading 04/05/2010, around 9:10 p.m. EDT.

Center trio: Prince of Disks, Chariot covering, Queen of Swords crossing

Generally, we’re all just plodding along while things move around us quickly.  Oddly, we are in control and the added energy affecting the matter, sometimes adversely but not always, is the need to lay down the law.

Below:  Heterosexual Lovers

We’ve all made choices that are from ourselves but also from a place of living in the unknown.  The choices have not been easy, and we wonder whether they were the right ones or not.

Behind us: The Six of Swords

Multidimensional awareness has helped us get to this point.  Short hops into other realms to acquire knowledge about how to proceed.

Above us: The Star

Our highest selves hold a lot of information and wisdom for us.  It’s up to us to avail ourselves of this bounty.

Ahead of us:  The Knight of Cups

We are about to enter into a situation dominated by lies, alas.  What we seem to know about reality is counteracted by willfulness and “miscreance” perpetrated by control-freaky psychopaths.  (I drew this card on the day after the 2004 Election, and knew, when Mr. Kerry bowed out, that something was not right–haven’t voted in the vEmpire ever since.)

Blocked Path:  The Sun

Well.  In spite of the fact that the Star shows us the light, we can’t necessarily rely on the sunny side of things to help us through.  In fact, I would venture that people who stress “the bright side” in this upcoming time are either shills, shells, deluded or diluted with drugs/alcohol/Evil White Powders/toxic beliefs, etc.   Foreswear the hopium, friends!

Environment: Death

Hah!  Transformations abound, and remember:  While there is much dying, new growth sprouts up from the decay and the mouldering.  Things are passing on so that new structures, new life, new-old ways of being can sprout up.

Advice of Cards/Hopes & Fears:  The Tower

(I picked up the use of this position from tarot.com, and I appreciate this notion.  The energies are already there as expressed with hopes/fears.  It just takes a different lens to view this as advice)  The tower is about sudden change.  This card points to the shakeup of things–the lamb becomes the lion, the plebe becomes the king, etc.  Participate in the crumbling of the decrepit and the decadent and help to sweep it away.  Yes, it can be traumatic, but we need to enjoy our traumas, as wise ones who’ve gone before us have said.

Outcome:  Gay male lovers

We’ll be headed to another choice point, but at that moment it will be best for each of us to look within and decide which road(s) will be the best to tread from the place of the heart and connection with our deepest being.  (FYI, as a gay man, I look at gay lovers as suggesting a choice closer to who I am based on my self-perception, hetero lovers as suggesting a choice that combines some elements that are unfamiliar, and lesbian lovers to be moving toward a choice that is wildly out-of-the-box for who I am.  In readings for others, when one or the other of Tthe Llovers comes up, I go with my gut. But this is how I perceive these cards from my own perspective.)

I also refer to the bottom card and the Major Arcana card derived from the addition of all the numbers involved.  So:  Chariot = 7; Lovers = 6; Star = 17; Sun = 19; Death = 13; Tower = 16. 

So together with the 6 + 7 + 6 + 17 + 19 + 13 + 16 + 6 = 90; reduces to 9 – the Hermit.  Which is one of “my” cards.  I’m attuned to this energy.

And the bottom card?  The Emperor!  Ha!


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