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Poem to Melek Taus March 24, 2010

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Sacred Dove coils love-war with Fire-Serpent
Passion, Ardor, Power, Amore,
Will and Surrender swirl Hunab K’u–
Who is in, which is out?
The Union, the Union!  O the Effusion!

Grand Peacock Angel, a Blue Hot Fierceness
cobal swagger, tender wildness
He struts, Gorgeous Innocence! Electric
tetra blaze in Human-Bird-God hybrid form
The God whose tailfeathers cause havoc.

Awe naturally envolps this God, Devotee
to the Dian-y-Glas Lovre, seeking out Red
Divine Complement.  This Melek Taus
hovers alongside, imperious as Cobra and Wolf.
Quetzalcoatl. Damballah. Oxumare!

Yes, Melek Taus wears many names.
A sacred progeny from the His and Hers.
Becoming Hirself, God of the Liminal
Both, neither, yes, no, maybe, none d’above.
All of it this Bird-God-Starry Crowned.

I in my In-Between Feral-Divinity
with ferocious radiance a beacon reminder:
I have been secretly raised by wolves
white and black, and I trot on a royal road
Howling, cackling my way to happy destiny.



1. kseverny - March 24, 2010

nicely done.
A poem with an epic style

frostwolftfirerose - March 24, 2010

Thank you very much!

2. Jan@VEDA - January 11, 2011

Melek Taus: Skanda
Dian Y Glas: Shiva
Star Goddess: Mahamaya

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