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My Life 5 Years from Now: One Thread March 18, 2010

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Capital Region Notions, Civilization Anonymous, Mystical, Personal Journey.
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In my vision of the future Frostwolf–and at some point, I do think I leave behind the corp(se)orate name I was born with–I see that, while I have much to do to occupy my time, I am without a job.  More importantly, no one I know has such a thing as a “job.”  We all have streams of work (or more appropriately Work), but I don’t have to clock in, I don’t have to report to someone else, I don’t have to relinquish any of my various parts which I am at work reclaiming and salving/salvaging. 

Having worked the 8 hour day now for almost 25 years, I can safely say I think this way of life is way beneath all of us.  I understand how people can long to have what I have, and would berate/judge/scold me for suggesting that there are better ways to live.  I see myself being like Boxer in Orwell’s Animal Farm, and I for one manifest getting off the death-treadmill at some propitious moment in the not-too-distant future.  A time closer to now than 5 years from now.

I see myself doing magic, teaching, cooking big wonderful meals, running an informal summer camp, singing and dancing and acting, putting on poetry readings, serving on civic committees, visiting the sickly and the desperate, doing tarot and astrology readings, being a good listener/counselor/mediator, gardening/farming, taking up homely crafts as well as learning more constructive trades.  As well as doing my 12 step stuff and my spiritual practice, which are the foundation of my life.  As well as working sexual healing practices and enjoying my relationship with my partner.  Quite a bit of heart-opening stuff actually.

It’s unclear to me what the structures of order are in this future world.  It has yet to work itself out.  Maybe that will be a part of the map I start to fill in next.



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