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Odd Vision I had yesterday March 4, 2010

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A few years back, I inadvertently witnessed a realm where totemic spirits of regions and nations interacted.  I could see that the U.S. as an entity was nowehere to be found, and that the various regions showed different animals and what-not.  I remember that the South was a snake, that the Northeast was sort of like a beaver or a badger, and that the west coast seemed to be a swarm of various insects.

So, in my meditations yesterday I found myself in that same zone, and this time, I saw various critters in the southern part of what is now the U.S., and nothing in the north.  There was a voice–“To see what’s happening there, you need to look in a higher dimension.”  And I could picture that there was something in the 6th or 7th, it seemed. (The one I had accessed this time and the last seemed to be the 4th.)

I could sense that something in the various regions had shifted, and that a “higher” awareness had descended more upon the northern areas of FUSA than those in the South.  It kind of reminded me of Lynn Grabhorn’s idea in Dear God, What’s Happening to Us? that the earth is separating into two earths, one that will attract higher energies, and the other which will be more along the lines of what the fundamentalists of all stripes want.

In the 6th & 7th dimensions, I got the sense of presenes, but not really shapes or anything else.  Just emanations that felt good. 

Just an FYI.

All this being said, I’m feeling a bit raw and tired of life at the moment.  I had cast an actor for a show I’m directing, and last night was to be his first rehearsal and he backed out.  I was literally 1-1/2 blocks away from rehearsal when this happened.  I’m scrambling to find someone soon.  Otherwise it’s going to be me, and I really would rather see someone else do the part.  And if I do it, there are other repercussions as well.  Guh!  Nothing is esy.



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