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February vs. March Pisceans March 3, 2010

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Personal Journey.
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Been too busy to post anything of late, and I haven’t really had the headspace to do so.  I really hate being this busy. 

I do so long for death when I get this busy.  Let us sing the praises of decay!  Moulder Moulder, rot rot rot!

Anyway, I did have a thought this morning about my sign.  One fellow I know doesn’t think February Pisceans are “real Pisceans.”  L. describes himself as a “downtown Pisces.”  At first I found myself a mite offended, but I have to observe that there is a difference between February and March Pisceans.  Just as there is a discernible difference between March and April Arians. 

Perhaps it’s the residual effect of the previous sign (Aquarius), but I find that February Pisceans as a group are pretty damn smart.  There’s also a gentle sexiness about us all that people barely notice.  February Pisceans are a lot like Geminis, and again that might be due to Aquarius’ airy influence.  Those people, like my partner who is an Aquarius on the Pisces cusp, born around that interchange of February 19, seem to be more emotional Aquarians or more intellectual Pisceans.  And I’m just after the cusp (according to most astrologers at least), and supposed the vanguard of “true Pisces”–ha ha ha, like there is such a thing. 

March Pisceans on the whole, tend to be more what people think of as Pisces.  Emotional, moody, sometimes depressed.  A bit lower energy than the Februaries.  I think too, that the most volatile sign area is the Pisces-Aires cusp.  The types of people who have those birthdays–Pat Robertson, A.L. Webber and Stephen Sondheim (all on the same day); Glenn Close, Bruce Willis, my ex-boss the Mormon ex-Marine.  The Spring Equinox is a tough time in many ways–it represents the birth of the year, at least in earth-seasonal terms.  Spring is the baby time on the growing cycle, while the end of March is the time of clearing.  I think of the window from Imbolc to Ostara to be all about the quickening in the earth.

I realized yesterday that part of the reason I get depressed in March is because of the consensus trance and our (en/ex)Thrallment.  We all need desperately to go outside.  It’s funny I should be directing a play with the simple title “Outside” right now.  A daily reminder of what I need to be doing.  I need to go outside more in March, to convert the sadness and angst into something much better.  Interestingly, I think this ties into the March Pisces thing. 

My best friend growing up was a March Pisces, and I have 2 other M.P. friends.  I don’t have a lot of friends who are Feb. Pisces–we tend to be like magnets both pointing north and repel from each other.  It can get quite intense.  I do seem to have an affinity for the Cuspers though, and I like that notion a lot.



1. Lola - October 26, 2011

I’m a February Pisces too, and have often noticed the difference between me & my March brethren. My observations on the differences are in line with yours. I think the Feb Pisceans are a little more hot-natured, a little more intense, than the March fish. I feel the March fish are far more moody, emotional, and soft, while the Feb fish are independent, loner/observers, and IMO more eccentric than the Marchers. Of course, the moon/rising and personal planets will create the tone of the fish as well. I have sun in the 8th house and Sun is my chart ruler too, so altho I am a first decan fish, I have a strong Scorpio flavor. And I have a lot of Uranus aspects so that definitely gives me a little Uranian flavor, which I really appreciate, although it’s been tough learning how to work with it (hello, Venus opp Uranus!!! I NEEEEED space & freedom in my personal relationships).

frostwolftfirerose - October 27, 2011

We are a bit hotter than our March brethren, tis true. And with Neptune kissing the Aquarius-Pisces border, we are particularly vulnerable right now. Not to mention with Pluto sextiling our suns in Capricorn.

2. naenae - November 6, 2011

yes, i totally agree. i am a feb pisces and i see the difference between march and feb. Feb pisces is a little bit more talkative and outgoing than the march pisces. I think it is because of the aquarius influence as well, i was born near the cusp.

frostwolftfirerose - November 7, 2011

I’ve been pondering the beauteous wisdom of astrology as a poetic system of human conscious awareness, and I think that part of what goes on with February Pisces vs. March Pisces is also about the time of the year and what is going on with the landscape at that time. Pisces falls after the Imbolc festival in early February, which I see as the emotional onset of spring, and it’s in late February where we often see a flicker of quickening. I sense that as we get into March, winter tries to reassert itself, but it’s a losing battle. The qualities of spring snows have already started to make themselves known in early Pisces, which also connects with that Aquarius desire to be free. The March Pisceans tend to develop with an awareness that spring is around the corner, but the wintry mix is still predominant. They have that energy of winter’s clutches still in them as they grow older. So there is a somewhat more staid aspect in their viewpoint. It’s interesting too that the decan rulers of February vs. the 2 March decans are Neptune, the Moon and Pluto/Mars. There is a Cancerian aspect to early March Pisces and a Scorpio aspect to those in the 3rd decan.

3. Karen - April 4, 2012

Hi. I too am an early Piscean, 20th Feb. I think we do vary and poss due to Aquarian influence, or the double jupiter effect, for the first decan. I also have an Aquarian moon which must incline me more. Some people, upon meeting me have guessed me to be Aquarius although not quite the case. Think we early Pisceans are maybe more prone to the eccentricities, associated with Aquarius.

4. jshafik6 - March 22, 2014

Reblogged this on jasmeenshafik.

5. Aud - September 25, 2015

I’m just putting it out there that both Einstein and Michelangelo were born in the month of March, two well renown geniuses. So I believe it’s a little hasty to presume that the month of February produces more intellectuals.

frostwolftfirerose - September 25, 2015

Aud, this is just a general observation, and my words might be a bit imperfect. When I say “intellectual” I’m referring more to the influence of air, while as March progresses, a fire influence takes over. Intellectual was probably a poor choice of words in retrospect–idea-oriented might be better. Einstein and Michelangelo were of course geniuses, and there are other sorts of geniuses spread throughout the zodiac. I do think though that early Cancer, early Scorpio and early Pisces have a carrryover from their preceding air signs that makes them a little more “bubbly” if you will, breezing some airiness into the water. As we get further into March and closer to Aries, the water gets a bit more like steam. And I will also own that this is not exact–Dr. Seuss is another Pisces who is an airy type, but his birthday was also later in March. These are meant to be general observations and more specific examples will probably keep coming up to dis/prove these observations. (Am I a paradox or an oxymoron? I can’t decide, so I’ll be a paradoxymoron!)

Aud - November 12, 2015

Ha! No that makes sense. I just like to play the devil’s advocate sometimes 🙂 Plus, it really depends on the individuals whole chart not just one aspect of it.
What is your sun, moon, rising, and midheaven?

frostwolftfirerose - November 12, 2015

Hi there, thanks for posting! I have Pisces Sun, Cancer Moon, Taurus Rising, Capricorn Midheaven. Venus, the Chart Ruler is intercepted in the 12th house with Jupiter, and square the Moon. The Sun is conjunct Mars in Pisces, conjunct Saturn in Aquarius, conjunct Mercury in Aquarius in serial fashion. Interesting, eh?

6. Aud - November 12, 2015

Let me guess, your a Feb pisces. That is very interesting…I’m a 3rd decan pisces, gemini moon, sagittarius rising, libra midheaven. I have lots of planets in the first decan of pisces and only my sun in the lateral part of pisces. What house and sign is your chart ruler in?

frostwolftfirerose - November 12, 2015

My Chart Ruler is in Aries in the 12th house. Where’s your Jupiter? My Cancer Moon is in the 3rd house, conjunct North Node.

aud - November 12, 2015

Jupiter in scorpio 11th house. My dominant signs are pisces scorpio and gemini. I think I’m often considered a complete basket case at times lol. What is your north node? Isn’t the north node who your suppose to be in this lifetime or at least that is what I’ve read…

7. frostwolftfirerose - November 12, 2015

North Node is is about Karmic direction, what we’re supposed to factor into the personal equation along with the Primal Triad (Sun/Moon/Rising). When I read for people, it’s usually the very next thing after the PT that I focus on. The SN is about the gifts from past lives that can help support the NN. But we can get stuck in the SN, and oftentimes society rewards us for the SN talents that cause us stagnation and a feeling that life is passing us by. Mine is in Cancer in the 3rd house. My Sun/Mars/Saturn is in the 11th house too, by the way. Venus/Jupiter in the 12th house has been a mixed bag.

8. Aud - November 12, 2015

So your chart ruler is venus and it’s in the sign of aries so what does that exactly mean for you? Isn’t chart ruler most important aspect in the birth chart? Considering my north node is already in the same sign as my chart ruler, does that make my karmic direction a little easier to travel?
Do you believe that numerology is tied in with astrology?

frostwolftfirerose - November 12, 2015

The C.R. is not THE most important part of the chart, though it gives another dimension to the Rising Sign and its operation in the chart. The sign and house of the CR show what part of life the Rising Sign serves. So my Taurus Rising serves the Venus in Aries in the 12th, which is in itself something to get one’s head around, no? Venus doesn’t like to be in Aries–it’s a sign of its detriment. In the 12th, my CR would indicate that my self-image is toward serving humanity in a compassionate way, which is something I intuited at a young age. Egolessness is important, but how does an Aries Venus show lack of ego? LOL
And yes, having a point like Jupiter near the NN makes things easier. I’m also fortunate that my Cancer Moon is conjunct NN.

9. Aud - November 12, 2015

That’s what I mean, all the aspects and placements in my birth chart and other people’s birth chart seems to contradict one another. It’s almost too complex or maybe that is just how I feel sense I consist mostly of mutable signs. For instance, your cancer moon in the 3rd house. That has to be confusing!

10. Ryan - March 17, 2016

Found this site while thinking the same exact thing. I personally noticed that early Pisces tend to be quite logical/practical people, spiritual (in some way or another), and to be way more intense. March Pisces I know tend to be a bit more moody and just a whole lot different. It’s hard to put your finger on exactly but there’s something there.

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