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Vision of Myself 5 Years from Now February 25, 2010

Posted by frostwolftfirerose in Capital Region Notions, Mystical, Personal Journey.

Jody and I have a country house, on the side of a hill near a copse of trees.  The house is spacious, and has a deck.  When I see this vision, it seems to be summer.  The sun is shining brightly and we are both in t-shirts and shorts.  There seem to be a lot of kids about too, for some reason.  I guess they like to play on our grounds.

In terms of what I do, I have multiple streams of work.  There is writing.  There is performance/singing.  Spiritual counseling.  Protective magic/spells/potions.  Catering and cooking.  Teaching and encouragement of others.

We own a few properties–or rather there is some arrangement with properties that we utilize.  I don’t want to foreclose the idea of owning, but I also am aware that the idea of property is reaching its end point.  (thank you,  Jeremy Rifkin and Native Americans/indigenous the world over.)  I spend quite a bit of time in Troy and in Albany.  I think I spend some time in Schenectady too, for that is where my art is.

I spend a lot more time in the woods and mountains, near brooks and lakes.  My skin takes the air more.  Acceptance of me “in all my glory.”  (What is the outfit of this God? 🙂  Well, air molecules of course.)

Of course I’m sober, abstinent, and however it may be understood in a changing economic future, “solvent.”  Jody and I travel a bit, but we don’t make a big thing of it.  It seems to be frowned upon, and I don’t complain about it.

Informal governance structures arising from personal and interpersonal connections.  Also much closer to the population, no absentee rulers extracting tribute.  The magic and the protective work has kept out any violence or MZBs.  (mutant zombie bikers, LOL)

Not only am I connected to Troy and the larger cities, but I seem to have a connection in a village to the north of Troy/Watervliet.  Not sure which one as of yet–Cambridge?  Greenwich?  The understanding will unfold.

Jody and I grow a lot of our own food and we are in touch with local farmers et al.  However the press changes, Jody still manages to be able to attend classical music concerts and offer his insights to a respectful public.  The real estate pursuits have led to other areas that neither of us dreamed existed.  There is a love of the past and the present and the burgeoning future, all coming together at once.

This is just the beginning.


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