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Contemplating the madness February 19, 2010

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So a lot of people are noticing just how loopy things are getting.  And yet, the attempts to deny it are palpable.  It’s amusing to me to watch people cherrypick the Stack affair in Austin, TX.  He’s a criminal or terrorist.  He’s a delusional/a martyr.  

In truth, he was just a guy who got suckered, bought the whole 9 yards, and realized he was f*cked.  Just like most of the rest of us, who are in denial about it.  He decided to take a couple of actions in what must have appeared to him as being a glorious swan dive into history.  Well, I’m sure it will go down the memory hole after a time, but for the moment it’s getting a lot of attention.  And I’m sure that Mr. Stack-who-blew-a, wherever he is in the Summerlands (perhaps having a scintillating conversation with Bill Wilson about what could have been?), probably didn’t intend for his death to be used the way it’s going to be used.

I’ve been posting to one forum my own thoughts about the event, and how for me it touches the similar feelings I felt in the aftermath of Columbine.  (I just sent off a copy of My Littleton Play to a competition–this idea-delivery-system will at last reach some eyes and hearts ripe for injection!)  I could empathize with their rage against the teen machines enforced in the adolescent and teen penitentiaries called high schools.  I was also horrified by their actions and devastated when I watched the stream of students running out of the school with their hands on their heads.  Which still horrifies me just as much.

Still I take it to heart what other observers have described about fighting the fighting-fight. That one becomes the thing one hates.  I find it curious to watch right-wingers obsessed with us gay folks–what is it they are seeing in us?  If they are becoming what they hate, what does that mean exactly?  I guess it’s kind of telling that they look at themselves as the victims because they can’t kill a 2-legged who they’ve decided is only good for killin’.  I just read that the nutcase ADF is saying that lifting DADT will create a sanctioned religion–a true WTF if ever there was one.

On some level, this also makes me contemplate Stephen King’s latest, Under the Dome.  Our planet is like Chester Mills, and a number of people are would-be Jim Rennies.  I’m sure a number of people thought of 911, though in one description of a fellow who was on a floor above the crash site, it made me think a little of North by Northwest.  But the level of insanity feels like there’s some sort of psychic temperature rise, as if we’re all being spiritually boiled as it were.  And some of us will go apesh*t and others will implode and still others will awaken, I guess.

And we are all one. 

Someone did make a comment that got me thinking though.  I did one time get audited, a frightening event at the time.  It’s not the hardest thing I’ve gone through, but it caused me a lot of stress needless to say.  I remember someone telling me though that if an auditor was being unkind or rude, it was within my rights to ask for someone else.  And to keep in mind “I’m small potatoes.”  Sort of like mashed potatoes in a way.  In this day and age, I wonder if that matters a whole lot.  It might not be the thing to do, but still.  The fellow who audited me turned out to be a rather kind fellow, and I think he could see I wasn’t trying to get one over on anyone.

Still, the sad fact is that we all have to take a breath and say sometimes the things that make us quake in our boots.  Stack-blew-a got to that point where he couldn’t take it anymore.  I don’t think we’ve seen the last of these–and I wonder what will happen when people start to see victims of the Student Loan Scam(TM) start taking matters in their own hands. 

…. Think perhaps it might be time for a jubilee, mmkay?



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